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Thursday, 25 September 2008 23:06
  • Block/Deflect can be used against a critical to take normal damage. The Use the Force check must meet or beat the total attack roll.
  • When using Force powers which requires a standard action or full-round action in combat; allies of the target, if adjacent, may make an Attack of Opportunity against the Force user if one has not been take already by the ally that round. The target, however, may not make an Attack of Opportunity against the Force user.
  • Example: If Jedi Knight Juda Lurn attempted to use Force Grip on a Captain of the Guard (who is 4 squares away) while Juda was flanked by two of the guards, both guards would get an AoO on the Jedi.  However, if Juda attempted to Force Grip one of the two guards, the other guard would get an AoO, but the victim of the Force Grip would not.

  • Since ammo is not being kept track of, use the following rule instead: When a natural 1 is rolled on an attack roll when using a weapon which contains a power cell or pack, then the weapon has become jammed or shorts out and the power source must be replaced as a move action next round. This also includes any melee weapon, only lightsabers do not need a replacement. Instead it takes two swift actions next round to readjust the power settings and turn it back on.
  • Retraining:(Notify GM when retraining and my be subject to scrutiny; in character reason for Retraining will be needed/requested)
      Sometimes you make decisions when you create or advance your character that you later regret. Perhaps a talent you chose isn't working with your character concept, or a feat never comes into play the way you anticipated.
      Every time you gain a level, you can retrain your character: change one feat, talent, or skill selection you made previously. You can make only one change at each level.

    • Feat:You can replace a feat with another feat. You must meet the prerequisites of the new feat. You can’t replace a feat if it’s a prerequisite for any other attribute you have. If you choose to replace a feat you gained as a class bonus, you must replace it with a feat from the bonus feat list for that class.
    • Talent: You can replace a talent with another talent from the same class. You must meet any prerequisites for that talent and you can't replace the talent of it is a prerequisite for another attribute.
    • Skill: You can replace a trained skill with another trained skill from your class list. You can’t replace a skill if it’s required for any other attribute you have.
  • Rules changes:
    (These rules will be changed if they become an issue)
    • Block and Deflect are now combined. Take cumulative for each block and deflect action. Talents such as Riposte and Redirect Shot are still taken individually.
    • Riposte (KotOR p25) - As a reaction once per round instead of once per encounter. 
    • Improved Riposte and Improved Redirect (KotOR p39) - Once per encounter not once per turn
    • Unleashed (FU p35 & 37) - Unleashed abilities maybe used by anyone who has a destiny. It however costs:
      • 1 Destiny point (as normal)
      • Move 1 persistent step down the Condition Track (this is negated by taking the feat Unleashed)
    • Followers (CW p33) - If these rules become to unbalancing for the game play experience they will be modified.
      • Force Points: 1 per level (similar to Destiny points) they are not lost when the follower is leveled. They can only be used by the follower.
      • Hit Points: (10 + con) x heroic level
      • Ability Scores: Start at 10 as normal and spend an additional 5 points to increase on abilities. A follower will then gain 1 ability increase at levels 4, 8, 12, etc. 
      • Talents and Feats: Followers do no gain talents unless specified by the follower's template or from talents taken by the hero. They do not gain bonus feats from their species, even if they would normally gain one. They go however gain feats as normal at levels 1, 3, 6, etc. All followers gain the Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons) feat.
      • Skills: Followers gain skills as per their template and an additional 1 + int (min 1) which will be chosen from the non heroic class (CORE 278
      • Follower Actions
        • Followers continue to follow orders rather than constantly require them (For instance, your guards are ordered to combine fire with you, they continue to do so when you attack until ordered to do something else or the target is downed). Also, unless otherwise specified, orders effect all of your followers. Orders can also be allowed to come from other players if the character orders it.

These house rules may be discussed on the forum, here.


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