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A Reckoning of Wraiths
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 14:26
Dawn of Defiance
A Reckoning of Wraiths

The ship rocks, a constant reminder of the two Star Destroyers currently attacking the remnants of the Alderanian Rebel fleet. On its flagship, the Resurgence, you have made it to the bridge where you were able to stop the advancement of a squad of troopers attempting to overrun the remaining bridge crew consisting of its captain, Verana, and the last of his crew. With the Imperials taken care of, the injured Verana waves off any assistance, but provides you with bad news. “I’ve got some bad news,” Verana says. “We’ve had a report that Master Denia and Raik have been taken prisoner by the Inquisitorius.” 
The Captain lets the news sink in for a moment. 
“If you think you can make it, get to the landing bay at once. You might be able to stop the Inquisitors before they can get them off the Resurgence. My crew and I can find our way to your ships, and we’ll meet you there. Now go!”
** Al'verde makes sure his weapons are still ready to go "Ok lets move then." **
** Galen looks around the bridge for perhaps the last time. "Will you be able to get out as well?" he asks. **
Alicia: Verana: "They boarded via the landing bays. From all reports I've seen the way is clear to the Spire. We should be fine."
Al'verde: "Good, Lucien and Ed can meet you if you run into problems."
Galen: "Good," Galen says as he checks his blaster rifle. "We have Lucien and Edwani on board keeping the ship safe," he adds. "If you need any help along the way, contact them."
Alicia: Verana smiles as you both suggest the same thought. "We will, now go. You're running out of time."
** Galen exits the bridge and begins to head towards the lift, wishing that they wouldn't have to climb up this time. **
** Al'verde looks at Galen but doesn't say anything as he heads out **
** Tee'ra follows them at the rear, constantly checking to make sure they weren't caught from behind. **
Alicia: make a climb check to head up
Al'verde: "Ok Galen where's the hanger?"
GalenClimb: [1d20+8] => [7,8] = (15)
** Galen looks through the open door. "Up..." he says. **
Al'verde: "Tee'ra you're next I'll head up last."
Al'verde: "Tee'ra you're next I'll climb up last."
Tee'ra: Climb: [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
Al'verdeClimb: [1d20+16+0] => [20,16,0] = (36)
Tee'ra: "This climbing thing sucks.." she mutters, trying not to fall.
Alicia: Using the emergency ladder you all make it up easliy, particularly Al who seems to spider his way up even without the ladder.
Al'verde: "What are talking about this is easy."
Alicia: The Resurgence rocks as another blast of turbolaser fire hits it, and the lights in the corridor flicker briefly. The sound of raised voices can be heard. A quick glance reveals a column of prisoners escorted by a number of stormtroopers, as well as two Humans in the unmistakable garb of Inquisitors. Dressed in the red and black uniforms of the Inquisitorius, these Humans visibly seethe with hatred and fury. The prisoners they escort two by two with their hands on top of their head down the corridor and though they are not bound, they are keenly aware of the weapons being pointed at them. These crew members are abused and tired, and they've given up hope. As far as they can tell, they’ll be suffering under Imperial interrogation before too long. 
“Hurry up, slugs! Get moving, or I’ll have the lot of you shot!” one of the Inquisitors growls at the prisoners. As if to punctuate his order, he raises his blaster pistol and takes aim at a nearby prisoner. The look in the Inquisitor’s eye tells you that he’s about to gun the prisoner down in cold blood.
The Imperials haven’t noticed you yet. 

The corridor is cluttered with bodies and debris. Any squares on the encounter map with sizeable indications of such clutter are considered to be hazardous terrain. There is very little cover available in the corridor, outside of the occasional cross-corridor.
Alicia: (( map change ))
Alicia: (( once you decide on a plan I will place you appropriately ))
Al'verde: "Ok I'll take point so that way thay have to get through me before they get to you guys. Tee'ra try not to get in my line of fire."
Galen: ((I'm going to shoot the guy in the head, that's what I'm planning.))
** Tee'ra pulls out her pea shooters, wishing she had her more potent heavy pistols. "Don't worry, I'll be using these babies for now." **
Al'verde: (( face...the line is "I told you I'm going to my fist ins his face!!" ))
** Galen looks at the Inquisitor and aims his blaster rifle at his chest. Hoping that the shot will be enough to at least get the guys attention, he fires a single shot. **

Starting Round # 1 [D20]
Roll New Initiatives
Galen added to list at init count 19 !
Galen: Galen [1d20+15] => [4,15] = (19) init
Al'verde added to list at init count 17 !
Al'verde: Al'verde [1d20+13] => [4,13] = (17) init
Tee'ra added to list at init count 23 !
Tee'ra: Tee'ra [1d20+16] => [7,16] = (23) init
Inquisitor added to list at init count 27 !
Alicia: Inquisitor [1d20+11] => [16,11] = (27) init
Vet Stormtrooper added to list at init count 24 !
Alicia: Vet Stormtrooper [1d20+6] => [18,6] = (24) init
AliciaPerception: [1d20+13] => [3,13] = (16)
AliciaPerception: [1d20+11+0] => [6,11,0] = (17)
Alicia: want to roll a stealth to get the advantage?
Al'verdeStealth: [1d20+8+0] => [6,8,0] = (14)
GalenStealth: [1d20+10] => [17,10] = (27)
Tee'ra: Stealth: [1d20+11] => [1,11] = (12)
Tee'ra: (Damn you dice!)
Galen: ((Better a stealth roll than an attack one.))
Tee'ra: ((True, but that plus a meager climb..*Glares at the RNG*))
Alicia: "Sir, you hear that?" the trooper the last in the row says to the Inquisitor aiming at the trooper. Holding his action as he glances at impudent trooper he says, "Go check it out." before firing his weapon, killing the prisnoer in front of him
Alicia: Take one action

Initiatives (Current Count: 0; Sandglass: off):
1) : [27] Inquisitor 
2) : [24] Vet Stormtrooper 
3) : [23] Tee'ra 
4) : [19] Galen 
5) : [17] Al'verde 
Alicia: showinits
Alicia: Tee'ra
** Tee'ra aims and fires off a shot at the Stormtrooper when it appears. **
Tee'ra: Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out (Single Attack): [1d20+17] => [5,17] = (22) for [3d4+7] => [3,3,3,7] = (16) damage
Alicia: hits
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [27] Inquisitor 
(on deck: [24] Vet Stormtrooper )
Tee'ra: The bolt sizzles as it hits the side of the Trooper's armor. nextinit
Tee'ra: (Woops.. -_-)
Alicia: Galen
** Galen grits his teeth as he hears the blaster shot and hopes that it wasn't someone he knew. He aims quickly at the stormtrooper as he rounds the corner and fires. **
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19] => [4,19] = (23) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [3,5,2,6] = (16)
Alicia: dead
Alicia: done?
Galen: Yeah
Alicia: Al
** Al'verde takes a shot at the over-powered saber jockey **
Al'verde: Heavy Repeating Blaster [1d20+14+-1] => [14,14,-1] = (27) damage [3d10+7+2d10+1] => [7,10,7,7,5,3,1] = (40) (Devastating Attack)
Alicia: ouch
** Al'verde peaks his head around the cornor as his blaster opens fire on the unkowning over-powered saber jockey as his fills his clothes with holes, along with his body. **
Al'verde: (( done ))
Alicia: Round One 
The Inquisitor now fully aware of the dissidants coming up behind him calls towards the front the warning. As the shots start flying, the prisoners are ordered to drop to the ground and any not cooperative are immediatly shot. All of the remaining 9 drop to the deck as the closest Inquisitor heads into the line preparing to grab one of the prisoners to use as cover. The one in the front grabs one as well, as he pushes him forward toward you.
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [24] Vet Stormtrooper 
(on deck: [23] Tee'ra )
Alicia: the STs move to get better vantages on their assailants.
Alicia: 2 and 3 coordinate
Alicia: 4,5,6 ready action.
Alicia: 1 Al, 2 Galen, 3 Tee'ra [1d3] => [1] = (1)
Al'verde: "Tee'ra, Galen leave them to me, get the saber jock."
AliciaVet Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle (autofire) [1d20+11-5+1+0] => [19,11,-5,1,0] = (26) damage [5,1,4,1,0] = (11)
Tee'ra: "I hate to think of how you feel about me.." she mutters.
Alicia: with autofire you all get hit actually
Alicia: and its a 28 atk
Tee'ra: (No deflection this time either..)
Galen: ((Miss, but half damage))
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [23] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [19] Galen )
** Tee'ra listens to Al, but decides to help get rid of these guys before she goes after the others. She lets loose with a flurry of blasts. **
Tee'ra: Dual Weapons (With a Double Attack) 
Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out [1d20+12+0] => [11,12,0] = (23); damage [3d4+7] => [1,2,3,7] = (13) 
Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out [1d20+12+0] => [2,12,0] = (14); damage [3d4+7] => [2,1,4,7] = (14) 
Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out [1d20+12+0] => [15,12,0] = (27); damage [3d4+7] => [2,3,3,7] = (15)
Tee'ra: At 3
Alicia: all but one hit
Alicia: which one do you attack?
Tee'ra: 3
Tee'ra: ST3*
Alicia: Done? Hit next
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
Tee'ra: One of the shots is wide, but the other two manage to sink into different areas of the Stormtrooper's armor. nextinit
** Galen manages to dodge the majority of the shots towards him, but is forced to move uncomfortably for a few bolts. He steps out into the hall and sees the Inquisitor holding one of the prisoners hostage. Galen raises his rifle and feels fate, the Force, or whatever guide his aim. (Destiny Point to autocrit) **
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [7,6,5,6] = (24)
Alicia: The Inquisitor falls, almost crushing the poor prinsoner he was int he process of hauling up
5) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Al'verde 
(on deck: [27] Inquisitor )
Galen: nextinit
** Al'verde nods to the two troopers as he opens fire almost wiching they couls see his smile **
Al'verde: Heavy Repeating Blaster [1d20+14+-1] => [11,14,-1] = (24) damage [3d10+7++1] => [9,9,4,7,1] = (30) (Devastating Attack)
Al'verde: (( Autofire on the 2 and 3 ))
Alicia: both down
** Al'verde moves forward ignoring the dead bodies as he walks over them **

End of Round
Starting Round # 2
Al'verde: nextinit
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [27] Inquisitor 
(on deck: [24] Vet Stormtrooper )
Alicia: make Dex checks as an bout of turbolaser fire rocks the ship
Al'verde: [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
Galen: [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
Tee'ra: [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13)
Alicia: Everyone but Galen and the Inquisitor manage to stay on their feet. You are now prone
Alicia: whopes
Alicia: I meant Galen and Inquisitor stayed ON their feet
Alicia: bah
Alicia: sorry
Alicia: The Inquisitor moves backward with his captive taking a shot at Galen
Alicia: oo.. Force Lightning actually
Galen: ((He can reach from that far?))
Alicia: (( just saw it was errated ))
Alicia: so back to original.. you get shot at
AliciaInquisitor Blaster Pistol [1d20+8+0] => [16,8,0] = (24) damage [4,6,6,4,0] = (20)
** Galen watches as the shot goes wide of him. **
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [24] Vet Stormtrooper 
(on deck: [23] Tee'ra )
Alicia: The troopers stand and fire on Galen as well.
AliciaVet Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle (autofire) [1d20+11-5+1+4] => [19,11,-5,1,4] = (30) damage [7,8,8,1,0] = (24)
Alicia: FP
Alicia: [1d6] => [5] = (5)
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [23] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [19] Galen )
Galen: (That hits)
** Tee'ra moves forward, shooting at the Inquisitor once he's in sight. **
Tee'ra: Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out (Single Attack): [1d20+17] => [8,17] = (25) for [3d4+7] => [4,4,1,7] = (16) damage
Alicia: misses
Alicia: wait, you're prone
Alicia: so no shot was fired, though it missed
Alicia: unless you have acrobatics to get up is a move action
Alicia: Done? Hit next
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
Tee'ra: Ahh..damn. nextinit
** Galen flinches with surprise as the shots nearly hit him badly. He raises the blaster again and fires a shot at the fourth stormtrooper. **
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19] => [6,19] = (25) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [3,1,7,6] = (17)
Alicia: You manage to shot around Tee'ra and hit
5) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Al'verde 
(on deck: [27] Inquisitor )
Galen: nextinit
** Al'verde stands up with a heavy sigh as he glances back at Galen and Tee'ra "Fine I'll move forward if you're two are too scared to take charge." **

End of Round
Starting Round # 3
Al'verde: nextinit
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [27] Inquisitor 
(on deck: [24] Vet Stormtrooper )
Alicia: With an open shot of Al he fires, using the Dark Side to fuel his attack
AliciaInquisitor Blaster Pistol [1d20+8+-1] => [3,8,-1] = (10) damage [5,1,4,4,0] = (14)
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [24] Vet Stormtrooper 
(on deck: [23] Tee'ra )
Alicia: the troopers fire on Al
AliciaVet Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle (autofire) [1d20+11-5+1++4-1] => [15,11,-5,1,4,-1] = (25) damage [8,3,8,1,0] = (20)
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [23] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [19] Galen )
** Tee'ra focuses her fire on ST5, hoping to take him out quickly. **
Tee'ra: Dual Weapons (With a Double Attack) 
Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out [1d20+12+0] => [3,12,0] = (15); damage [3d4+7] => [1,1,1,7] = (10) 
Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out [1d20+12+0] => [1,12,0] = (13); damage [3d4+7] => [1,4,2,7] = (14) 
Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out [1d20+12+0] => [16,12,0] = (28); damage [3d4+7] => [2,2,4,7] = (15)
Alicia: only 1 hits
Tee'ra: (Do I have to worry about a crit-fail?)
Alicia: high or low that it wasn't your 2nd weapon that crit failed
Tee'ra: Low
Alicia: [1d100] => [25] = (25)
Alicia: it did indeed hit, but you have 1 weapon jammed
Alicia: Done? Hit next
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
Tee'ra: nextinit
** Galen takes a few steps forwards and fires once again at the fourth stormtrooper, hoping to rescue the hostages before the Imperials do something drastic. **
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19] => [14,19] = (33) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [3,2,6,6] = (17)
Alicia: he's down
5) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Al'verde 
(on deck: [27] Inquisitor )
Galen: nextinit
** Al'verde laughs to himself as all the blaster fire bounces off his armor. Ignoring the trropers he continued to move forward blasting the trooper standing near the Inquisitor. **
Al'verde: Heavy Repeating Blaster [1d20+14+-1] => [12,14,-1] = (25) damage [3d10+7+2d10+1] => [5,7,6,7,2,7,1] = (35) (Devastating Attack)
Alicia: down

End of Round
Starting Round # 4
** Al'verde looks at the Inquisitor as if to say "You're next." nextinit **
Alicia: THe Inquisitor grins devilishly at Al as he gets in within range. Wrapping his arm around the captive to keep him in front he extends his free hand out toward Al. An arc of blue lightning engulfs the Mando.
AliciaInquisitor Use the Force [1d20+11+0] => [10,11,0] = (21)
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [27] Inquisitor 
(on deck: [24] Vet Stormtrooper )
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [24] Vet Stormtrooper 
(on deck: [23] Tee'ra )
Alicia: The ST starts firing on the hostages killing the 4 closest, before moving on
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [23] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [19] Galen )
** Tee'ra drops the jammed weapon into her pocket and draws out a lightsaber, sending a shot toward ST5 a moment later. **
Tee'ra: Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out (Single Attack): [1d20+17] => [20,17] = (37) for [3d4+7] => [2,2,2,7] = (13) damage
Alicia: woah!
Alicia: like drawing its a move to put an item away
Alicia: quick draw does allow you to draw a weapon
Tee'ra: (Magic of quick-draw)
Alicia: just want you to be aware of that
Tee'ra: Aye.
Alicia: Done? Hit next
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
Tee'ra: nextinit
Galen: "No!" Galen cries out as he watches four of his crewmates be executed by the stormtrooper who's immediately sliced by Teera. He walks closer and takes another shot aided by fate, this time aimed at the second INq
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19] => [13,19] = (32) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [8,3,1,6] = (18)
Galen: ((That could have been better on the damage front...))
Alicia: unles syou want double damage save the DP lol
Galen: ((Okay))
Alicia: Done? Hit next
5) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Al'verde 
(on deck: [27] Inquisitor )
Galen: nextinit
** Al'verde holds his left arm up as he moves in closer "Ok saber jock...lets dance!" he says as if was enjoying the though of fighing this guy in melee combat **
Al'verde: Power Hammer [1d20+17+0] => [8,17,0] = (25) damage [2d12+11+0] => [4,9,11,0] = (24)
Al'verde: (( screw this guy DP ))
** Al'verde swings his hammer low as he steps into the man defenses. He spins, uning his jetpack to push the prisoner out of the way and plants the hammer in the mans chest. **
Alicia: end combat
Al'verde: "Ok we need to get the the hangers asap if we're going to get the others."
** Galen looks around at the few survivors. "I'm sorry we couldn't do better," he says. "Where were they taking you?" he asks. "Did they say anthing?" **
Alicia: The survivors slowly begin to stand as the ship is rocked again, but not enough to knock you off your feet. "To the landing bay. Who knows from there. Not that it would have mattered much." One says as he kicks the corpse of one of the troopers. THe others begin to take the rifles from the clutches of the dead troopers.
** Galen nods. "I don't think that Al's ship can handle everyone we've encountered so far," he says. "Any way you can find your own way out?" **
Alicia: Galen, one of the surviving captives is the one you had asked Verana about
Alicia: They shake their head. "All the escape pods are gone."
** Galen rushes to Anya as he sees her and embraces her. "You all right?" he says. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you until just now." **
Alicia: "It
Al'verde: "Which way is the hanger?" he asks one of the other surivors
Alicia: She's shaking from recent events and except for being a bit battered doesn't have any lasting injuries. Attempting to give him a brave smile, "Could be better...."
He points in the direction down the hall they were headed. "Not far. Intersection after this one turn left. Large doors."
** Al'verde nods before walking off without saying a word **
Galen: "That's good to hear," he says. "Everyone, stay behind us, but take cover if anything happens," he says. "Take cover and stay there."
** Tee'ra unjams her pistol as they quickly speak, tucking them both away afterward. **
Alicia: They nod taking up armed positions behind you. Al as already disappeared down the hallway
** Galen follows Al. **
Alicia: Two Imperial shuttles sit upon the floor of the landing bay, the black expanse of space visible through the shielded opening behind them. Multicolored flashes of light flicker across the starfield, signs of the space battle that continues to rage outside. 
A number of individuals, many of them dressed in the red-andblack uniforms of the Inquisitorius, scurry about as prisoners are escorted at gunpoint aboard the first shuttle. You notice a familiar figure—Master Denia—among the prisoners. She spares a fleeting glance over her shoulder in your direction before disappearing into the shuttle’s interior with the rest of the captives. From your vantage there is no sign of Raik.
Before you can react, a second figure, also familiar, turns to face you. Inquisitor Valin Draco, his features marred by a black metallic faceplate with a single red optic, meets your gaze. He makes a dismissive gesture, then hurriedly boards the shuttle as the boarding ramp begins to close.
Eight Humans in the gray helmets and uniforms of Imperial naval troopers have taken up positions near the last remaining shuttle in the landing bay. Each soldier wears a black helmet and blast vest over top of his gray naval uniform. He holds his blaster pistol expertly, taking aim with precision before firing a volley in your direction. 
Their leader, a tall, lithe female with close-cropped blond hair and icy blue eyes, gives you an appraising look before ordering her men to open fire. The Imperial officer is a tall woman with an athletic build. Her blond hair is close-cropped, and her cold blue eyes betray no emotion. A wicked smile curls the corners of her mouth, just as you notice the lightsaber that dangles from her belt opposite her blaster’s holster.

Starting Round # 1 [D20]
Roll New Initiatives
Galen: "Didn't you guys kill him?" Galen asks, seeing Draco for the first time but reading reports of his activities.
Galen added to list at init count 22 !
Galen: Galen [1d20+15] => [7,15] = (22) init
Al'verde added to list at init count 18 !
Al'verde: Al'verde [1d20+13] => [5,13] = (18) init
Tee'ra added to list at init count 25 !
Tee'ra: Tee'ra [1d20+16] => [9,16] = (25) init
Lieutenant Misha Vekkian added to list at init count 27 !
Alicia: Lieutenant Misha Vekkian [1d20+13] => [14,13] = (27) init
Imperal Naval Trooper added to list at init count 20 !
Alicia: Imperal Naval Trooper [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20) init
Alicia: green boxes are cover

Initiatives (Current Count: 0; Sandglass: off):
1) : [27] Lieutenant Misha Vekkian 
2) : [25] Tee'ra 
3) : [22] Galen 
4) : [20] Imperal Naval Trooper 
5) : [18] Al'verde 
Alicia: showinits
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [27] Lieutenant Misha Vekkian 
(on deck: [25] Tee'ra )
Alicia: sec looking at something
** Al'verde does not even bother saying anything, seeing as no one listened to him last time. He picks his own targets as he eyes the tall woman Another saber jock. Good I'm in the mmod for a good fight and no one has given me that today he thinks as he smiles **
Alicia: As the officer sets her eyes on you, there's a gleam in them and suddenly you all feel less capabale in such close proximity to her while her allies seem to be bolden by her presence. From her belt she draws her lightsaber as she takes steps toward you to engage.
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [25] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [22] Galen )
** Tee'ra draws both of her lightabers and moves closer to one of the crates (green squares?). **
Alicia: yup
(on deck: [20] Imperal Naval Trooper )
Tee'ra: nextinit
Galen: "Stay here," Galen says to the rest of the crew members as he heads towards the interior of the actual bay. "Take them out," he says. "Focus on the leader first." (Activates Born Leader)
Alicia: make a perception as you all enter
GalenPerception: [1d20+7] => [17,7] = (24)
Tee'ra: Perception: [1d20+15] => [15,15] = (30)
Alicia: AS you enter the bay, you can see what has become of Raik. Held aloft against the wall, she's been pinned by a metal rod through her gut, her own lightsaber sticking through her shoulder.
Alicia: she's about 4m off the ground attatched to the wall
Alicia: Done? Hit next
4) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [20] Imperal Naval Trooper 
(on deck: [18] Al'verde )
Galen: nextinit
Galen: ((Every ally gets +1 attack rolls, FYI))
Tee'ra: ((Does that just counteract whatever the chick did?))
Alicia: 4 will provide covering fire for their leader against Tee'ra
Alicia: ya
Alicia: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21)
Alicia: [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
Alicia: [1d20+6] => [6,6] = (12)
Alicia: [1d20+6] => [6,6] = (12)
Alicia: -8 to your next attack Tee'ra
5) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [18] Al'verde 
(on deck: [27] Lieutenant Misha Vekkian )
** Al'verde pulls out a shiny sphere and tosses it up a few times, catching is each time. He looks at the troops and sets the the device before letting it fly "Heres a little parting givft for you babe." (( Tactical Edge to use Assault Tactics as a swift targeting Lt)) **
Al'verde: Thermal [1d20+14-2] => [20,14,-2] = (32) Dmamage [8d6+7] => [4,1,5,1,1,2,1,4,7] = (26) [1d6] => [3] = (3) extra to Lt
Alicia: gaurentee hit at least, damage sucked.. lol
** Al'verde wtches the explotion "I will never get tired of that sight." he says with a smile and he nudges Galen **

End of Round
Starting Round # 2
Al'verde: nextinit
Alicia: The woman puts her lightsaber in an en garde position as she takes in the Duros Jedi in front of her, with her other hand she raises it up, drawing on her innate power to attempt to strangle the Jedi
AliciaLieutenant Vekkian Use the Force [1d20+12+-1] => [13,12,-1] = (24) vs Fort
Alicia: FP [2d6] => [6,2] = (8)
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [27] Lieutenant Misha Vekkian 
(on deck: [25] Tee'ra )
Alicia: 30 vs Fort
Alicia: [6d6] => [6,5,3,2,2,3] = (21) and she will attempt to sustain
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [25] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [22] Galen )
Alicia: You can only take a swift
** Tee'ra can't do much about it, unfortunately. She glares at the woman. **
(on deck: [20] Imperal Naval Trooper )
Tee'ra: nextinit
Alicia: you're also choking lmao
Galen: "You're lucky you didn't do more damage to the ship," he says as he exits the door. He rounds the closest crate. He takes aim at the Lt. and fires a shot at her.
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19] => [9,19] = (28) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [8,5,5,6] = (24)
Alicia: hitd
4) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [20] Imperal Naval Trooper 
(on deck: [18] Al'verde )
Galen: nextinit
Alicia: Seems to stun her for moment, maybe enough to force her to lose her concnetration
Alicia: With the Jedi currently busy under their commander's grip they turn their attention to Galen with 3 firing suppressing fire on him and the other 4 attacking [3d20] => [3,17,20] = (40)
Alicia: -4 next attack
AliciaImperal Naval Trooper Blaster Pistol [1d20+6+1+1+0] => [18,6,1,1,0] = (26) damage [6,2,4,3,0] = (15)
AliciaImperal Naval Trooper Blaster Pistol [1d20+6+1+1+0] => [12,6,1,1,0] = (20) damage [5,6,1,3,0] = (15)
AliciaImperal Naval Trooper Blaster Pistol [1d20+6+1+1+-1] => [10,6,1,1,-1] = (17) damage [2,5,2,3,0] = (12)
5) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [18] Al'verde 
(on deck: [27] Lieutenant Misha Vekkian )
** Al'verde makes his way into the hanger and glances at all the targets in his sight before taking letting lose with a barrage of bolts aimed at Lt and the two goons with her. **
Al'verde: Heavy Repeating Blaster [1d20+14+-1] => [20,14,-1] = (33) damage [3d10+7+1] => [10,10,4,7,1] = (32) (Devastating Attack)
Alicia: dammit JASON! stop critting on my poor baddies
Al'verde: (( no you keep trying kill Al and you killed Brome. Time for karma to pay me back ))
Tee'ra: ((xD))
Alicia: (( *mutters* I can't help that Al is a big heavily armored TANK! and I didn't kill Brome.. Hayabusa did ))
Galen: ((Actually, I killed Brome.))
Al'verde: Al'verdes' visor flashes red as his repeater blast the holy hell out of his targets.
Al'verde: (( you pushed him to it ))
AliciaLieutenant Vekkian Use the Force [1d20+12+-2] => [5,12,-2] = (15) Defend

End of Round
Starting Round # 3
Al'verde: nextinit
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [27] Lieutenant Misha Vekkian 
(on deck: [25] Tee'ra )
Al'verde: nextinit
Alicia: Tee'ra is released from the Force and lightsaber wielding Imperial officer as she collapses under Al'verde's barrage of blaster fire, taking out the two Navy troopers next to her as well
Lieutenant Misha Vekkian has been removed from the initiative list !
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [25] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [22] Galen )
** Tee'ra moves down to engage the enemy below (NT4). **
Tee'ra: Lightsaber, Single Attack: [1d20+18] => [8,18] = (26) for [2d8+11] => [5,2,11] = (18) damage
Alicia: hits
** Al'verde nudges Galen again "That's how you do it." **
Alicia: (( omg.. Vena went to front yard and brought in an apple ))
Tee'ra: The lightsaber slashes down, managing to clip the trooper in the shoulder. She also wills some of the force to aid her. (Improved Battle Strike UtF: [1d20+18] => [15,18] = (33))
Alicia: battlestrike should come before.. but I'll awllow it this once
Tee'ra: [3d6] => [3,2,4] = (9) Damage (Yeah, I was planning for next turn)
Tee'ra: 27 damage total.
(on deck: [20] Imperal Naval Trooper )
Tee'ra: nextinit
** Galen watches as Al'verde slaughters the lieutenant and the naval troopers nearest her. Galen moves towards the shuttle and turns to face the second and third troops. Flipping his blaster to autofire, he sprays the pair with a burst of automatic fire. **
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19-9] => [2,19,-9] = (12) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [7,4,8,6] = (25)
Alicia: (( why -9 ))
Galen: ((-5 for autofire, -4 for suppresion fire))
Alicia: oh, missed that
Alicia: please try to say in the atk line that it
Alicia: it's autofire please
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [20] Imperal Naval Trooper 
(on deck: [18] Al'verde )
Galen: nextinit
Galen: ((Sorry__
Alicia: it's ok
Alicia: at leas tyou hit the sq ;)
Alicia: With their commander dead, they start retreating toward the shutty
Alicia: shuttle*
Alicia: 4 withdraws not earning and AoO
4) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [18] Al'verde 
(on deck: [25] Tee'ra )
Galen: ((We need that shuttle, everyone...))
** Al'verde makes his way closer to the shuttle "Aww come on...none of you have the guts to fight me?" **
Alicia: (( they're Imperials, not stupid ))
Tee'ra: (( Eh? Imp != St....))
** Al'verde looks at the shuttle and takes aim on the only trooper left "Say hello to my little friend...ok he's not that little." he says as he fires **
Al'verde: Heavy Repeating Blaster [1d20+14+-1] => [12,14,-1] = (25) damage [3d10+7+2d10+1] => [9,1,7,7,10,2,1] = (37) (Devastating Attack)
Alicia: Trooper dies and with his death, the shuttle starts closing the ramp
Al'verde: (( now I need one of those mando tracking thingys ))

End of Round
Starting Round # 4
Al'verde: nextinit
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [25] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [22] Galen )
Alicia: well end combat actually
** Tee'ra rushes over, feeling the force surge through her body, allowing her to move more quickly than she normally would. (UtF: [1d20+18] => [3,18] = (21)) **
Tee'ra: ((No chance to make it past the ramp?))
** Galen races towards the closing door, hoping to be able to make it in before it closes. **
Alicia: none
Alicia: The shuttle's engines power up and is soon leaving the hanger
Galen: "Damn it!" Galen shouts as he watches the shuttle lift off. He turns his attention to Raik, hanging on the wall across the hanger.
** Al'verde looks at the closing ramp and sighs as watches it lift off. He opens his comm "Verana they got away and Master Denia is with them." **
Alicia: "What was that?"
Alicia: The s(**sss**)und (**sss**)f ;lkj%$# at(**sss**)ng f(**sss**)lters thr(**sss**)ugh
Alicia: (**sss**)(**sss**)ps
Alicia: The sound of stating filters through
Alicia: lmao
Alicia: (( static filter ftw ))
Alicia: (( when used correctly of course ))
Galen: ((Filters never let the dramatic bits through.))
Al'verde: "Ok lets get back to the Spire." As he looks at Raik he moves closer "Galen..did she make it?"
Galen: "I can't tell," he says. "Doesn't look like it."
Alicia: she's too high up to tell, make a perception
GalenPerception: [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
Al'verde: "Then it's a good thing Lucien wasn't here."
Al'verdePerception: [1d20+15+0] => [5,15,0] = (20) (low-light)
Galen: "I don't think even she deserved this," Galen comments at the scene.
Tee'ra: "We must hurry, the shields have been down for a significant amount of time.."
Al'verde: "Tee'ra get that saber out of her shoulder then work on getting that pipe out of!!!"
** Al'verde runs over to the wall and gets ready to catch her "...Tee'ra!!!" **
Galen: ((And the streak of Raik surviving stuff she shouldn't continues!))
** Tee'ra attempts to Move the saber and the pipe. **
Galen: "What," Galen says as he hears Al's outburst. "She's still alive?!"
Tee'ra: Move Object UtF (For the saber): [1d20+18] => [2,18] = (20)
Tee'ra: Move Object UtF (For the pipe): [1d20+18] => [10,18] = (28)
** Galen goes to search for something that can carry her out of the hangar with. **
Alicia: (( I had Jason call high/low whether she was alive.. dice said she was ))
Al'verde: "Yes!! but we have to get her down and get her back to Lucien if she's going to live.
** No match found
Galen: ((Nah, it's just that the original Living Force module she debuted in said that she should definately die at the hands of the PCs, then she turned up in the fourth module, and now what's happened in our game))
Al'verde: (( yeah but it's not the first time. Remember when we turned ourselves in ))
Alicia: the saber comes out easily cauterizing the wound as it exits. The yellow blade falling to the deck still active. The pipe on the other hand comes out with a sickening sound.
Alicia: (( hehe ))
Alicia: well she survived because Lucien captured her and Ava took over playing her...
** Tee'ra moves forward and picks up the saber, disengaging it before clipping it to her belt. **
Galen: ((I know that, but it still counts as the character surviving))
Alicia: you btw, don't find anything useful in your brief serach
Alicia: kk
Al'verde: As soon as he body starts to fall Al'verde move to catch her "Galen I need you to get my medpack out now!!" he yells as he sets her down and pulls her clothes away from the wound in her gut
** Galen returns with nothing to carry the injured Raik out on and quickly goes to get Al's medpack as the Mandalorian tells him what to do. **
Al'verde: "Ok give that to me. We need to patch her up so I can get her back to Luicen. He's thin only one who might be able to save her."
** Al'verde gets to work as best he can trying to remember his feild training. **
** Galen watches Al'verde as he tries to save Raik's life. **
Al'verdeTreat Injury: [1d20+8+0] => [2,8,0] = (10)
Al'verde: [2d6] => [3,6] = (9)
Alicia: hehe
Al'verde: (( Force points are my frined ))
Al'verde: (( *hugs his force points* ))
Alicia: Raik seems to have stabalized for the moment. The bandages seem to be quickly starting to patch with red though
Galen: ((You do have quite the knack of getting a 6 on 'em, that's for sure))
Galen: "We need to get her and the others to the Spire now," Galen says. "By the Force it's going to get crowded in there."
** Al'verde pickes Raik up "Galen get my gun!!" he yells bofore running for the Spire **
** Galen grabs the blaster and heads to tell the others were to go. **
Alicia: You make it to the lifts, which are apparently now back in running order and you easily make it back to the Spire without much further trouble
Tee'ra: ((Can I spot any heavy blaster pistols along the way?))
Alicia: Upon returning to the Shadow Spire, you are no doubt relieved to see the surviving crew you had helped safe within its confines. Verana, beside himself with his own grief does his best to console his remaining crew as word is sent back concerning the fate of the fleet. With their home, the Resurgence being systematically destroyed by turbolaser fire, the last Corellian Corvette, by some miracle of fate or luck, is limping away from the fray with a number of TIE fighters in hot pursuit and from all accounts the surviving fleet is gone, having entered hyperspace. 
There is a crackle of static as you are hailed by one of the Imperial Star Destroyers. The video image flickers and stabilizes, revealing the image of Admiral Varth dressed in an immaculate Imperial Navy uniform. 
“It seems as if I didn’t give you enough credit for being resourceful,” Varth says, his eyes betraying a hint of respect. “But now the time for deception has ended. Despite your persistence, as well as your luck, you must admit that you are outmatched. Shut down your engines and prepare to be boarded.”
Alicia: (( troopers mostly used rifles ))
Alicia: (( there's not much time beyond that ))
** Galen stares at Varth's face through the com station. "Varth, I gave you far too much credit. Be assured that we will escape, and after that, we will find both you and Draco. After that? You know what'll happen. You destroyed my home, and for that we will hunt you all down. Your days are numbered." **
Galen: ((BRB))
Alicia: Varth manages to laugh. "Galen, you always were the sentimental sort. Rest assured that this little rebellion will not last long."
Alicia: "Had you not proven so talented, none of this would have been necessary."
** Al'verde clears everybody out of the way as he sets Raik down so Luicen can work on her. Despite the blod on his armor he takes a seat in the Pilots chair "Galen thke the guns." he sasys as he removes his helmet "We might be out gunned, but we are not outmatched." he says powereing up the shields and then the engines "Like my dad always said Ke nu jurkad sha Mando'ade, burc'ya!." **
** Tee'ra settles near the nav computer and immediately begins making astrogation calculations, choosing the closest vector that would allow them to leave. Astrogation (Full-Round Rush while they banter): [1d20+15+5-10] => [1,15,5,-10] = (11) **
Galen: "It seems to be that there are around a dozen people on this ship. Trust me, it will last long enough. And I'll take that last part as a compliment."
Alicia: Lucien is pale as he sees his fiance in such a state, but doesn't waste words as he gets to work in the cramped space
** Al'verde looks over at Tee'ra "Tee'ra if you're not going to take your time and do that right. Then move out of the way and let me do that. You mess that up and we're all dead." **
Galen: His last words said, Galen heads to the guns of the Firespray, ready to fight their way out if necessary.
Tee'ra: ((That should work if we have accurate data on this area))
** Al'verde closes the airlock and pilts his ship away as fast as he can "Verana any place we are to meet up with the others?" **
Alicia: Looking at the sensors, it's obvious Varth is bluffing. Chasing the limping Corvette, one of the Destroyers wouldn't make it back in range to fire on the SPire, and as the Resurgence begins to explode around you, the other Destroyer wouldn't be able to chase you down
Alicia: Verana nods, reaching over to plug in coordinates. "Head here first, and then we will meet up with the others."
Al'verde: (( but you are just making a random just. You never said where you were aiming for ))
Al'verde: "Right"
** Al'verde plugs in the new coordinates into the computer **
Al'verdeUse Computer: [1d20+15+0] => [17,15,0] = (32)
Al'verde: As soon as the ship is clear Al'verde engages the hyperdrive
Alicia: AS Varth sees you heading to hyperspace cleared space he adds, "I'm sure we'll meet again." After that the stars elongate and you've reached the safety afforded by hyperspace
** Al'verde looks at everyone and sighs. His ship was rather cramped but he knew it had to be this way. If needed he could simply lock himslef in the cockpit to get some alone time. **
Alicia: THe jump Verana put in will only last an hour.
Al'verde: (( good ))
Galen: As the ship goes into hyperspace, Galen finally lets loose a sigh of relief. He is exhausted, both physically and mentally. The ship he has called home for the past few months is now debris in a random spot on the galactic map, and one of the trusted officers aboard it has turned traitor, killing many of the people he knows. At least, Galen allows himself to think as he climbs out of the guns, some of his friends and the woman he loves managed to make it out alive. He finds a bit of wall next to her and collapses against it, the rest of the crew beside him.
Alicia: Anya pats Galen's knee reassuringly, though she is dealing with her own grief, keeping quiet for the time being.
Alicia: (( btw, congrats on surviving module 7 ))
Galen: ((Holy crap this one's dark...))
Alicia: (( hmm? ))
Galen: ((This module. It basically says "No, you're not safe. Whereever you go. The slaughter of the safehouse and then the destruction of the Resurgance))
Tee'ra: "So..who's the person we rescued, the impaled one?"
Alicia: (( yup ))
Alicia: oh Edwani isn't onboard
Galen: "Raik Muun," Galen says. "Yeah, the same," he says to Anya. "Former Inquisitor and right hand of Draco. Looks like Draco took offense to her being captured in the first place."
Tee'ra: "So...on our side, prisoner..?"
** Al'verde would spend the short trip in the cockpit thinking about everything that had happened and how he had killed so many people so easily. He still did not understand why Galen had such an issue with the one man he had killed back on the planet. He simply let ig go knowing that no one would understand his reasons. The mian thing he knew was things were far from over and a small part of him welcomed the up comming battles. **
Alicia: (( *plots against Jason* ))
Tee'ra: (( xD ))
Al'verde: (( no your dice alrady hat me ))
Al'verde: (( hate* ))
Galen: "To be honest, I have no idea. Though I don't think she'll be too happy with Draco when she wakes up. Speaking of which, how in the hells did he survive? Last I heard the Jedi that went nuts shocked him into a pit."
Al'verde: (( who do you attack when you leave it up to your dice? ))
Alicia: (( my dice agree you're a walking tank and deserve to be hit ))
Al'verde: (( well I made him tat way so I could surive you trying to kill you killed Brome ))
Alicia: (( I find it funny we're batering over chat when you're in the same room ))
Alicia: bantering*
Al'verde: (( true ))
Tee'ra: (( More amusing for the rest of us ))
Galen: ((That's for sure, LOL))
Alicia: (( at least I can throw things at him and none of you would be the wiser ))
Al'verde: (( ... -_-' I feel so loved ))
Al'verde: (( so is that it for tonight then? ))
Alicia: (( RP ))
Al'verde: (( yeah I have to keep Galen from ratting me out *makes sure his cannon is loaded* ))
Alicia: Lucien is hard at work with a hand or two of assistance from a couple of the surving crew.
Galen: ((Right now, Galen might do the exact same thing.))
Galen: ((Keyword is might))
Al'verde: After a few minutes Al'verde comes out of the cockpit and looks over the surivors. He had no idea waht others though of him but he figured he might find someone to talk to.
Galen: "Hey, Al, have you seen Edwani anywhere around here?" Galen asks, wondering why he hasn't seen the Arkanian around.
Al'verde: "Nope. I have a feeing sh got her ship and went on her way. Better that wat anyways. She was nothing shot of a headach."
Al'verde: short*
** Galen shrugs. "Hope so," he says. "Damn it, how could we not see Varth as a traitor?" Galen asks. **
Al'verde: "Happens in war. No one saw the clones turning on the Jedi."
Al'verde: "War is no longer about honor. It's only about winning and doing what you havee to to be on the winning side."
** Galen nods in agreement. "Imagine my surprise when I hear the news," he says. "I've also kind of realised something," he adds. "When I was assigned to this group, right after your mission to Almas, I was allowed to read the case files of this entire incident--if you will. All of the ones that started this whole thing, no one's left. No one..." His voice trails off, wondering if he or any of the others will be the next to leave, either through death or pursuing their own agendas. **
Al'verde: "Well some have died, but they died for the right reasons. This fight is not for everyone. Some just decided to get out before they die."
Al'verde: "Im sure Ed did not like they way she was treated and headed to the outer rim where that would not be an issue."
Galen: "I know that," Galen says. "I'm not going to be one of those people, though, that leave," he says. "Not after today."
Al'verde: "It's thing like this that remind us we truly fighting a war we were not ment to win. That's want make each victory so impotant. Trust me we will make a differance."
Al'verde: "I was taugh as a likke kid that if you follow something will all your heart and honnor, you'll never be wrong and you will never truly be defeated."
Al'verde: little*
Galen: "At the very least, from Varth's own words, we've been a damn good thorn in their side, that's for sure. At the best, we will find some to win, no matter how long it takes."
Al'verde: "Well as long as you keep fighting you'll have a seat on this ship."
Al'verde: "I'm not stopping till the Empire falls or I'm dead. They need be tough what real honnor is."
Galen: "Same here," Galen replies. "I won't stop until the Republic is back in power as it belongs to be. The Republic I grew up in, not what it became under Palpatine."
Al'verde: "Um...maybe not that republic. Maybe a stronger one with a more open mind and willing to accept people."
Galen: "Just as long as it's the Republic," Galen says.
Al'verde: "I might be fighting the Empire but I'm still a Mandalorian."
Galen: "I'm sure there's room for Mandalorian's in the Republic I'm fighting for," Galen says. "Just like there's room for Jedi."
Al'verde: "Well I guess it's a good thing we went to try and save the others. Other wise Raik would have died a very painful death."
Galen: "I may dislike her," Galen says. "But I said it before, no one deserves to die like that."
Al'verde: "I'll agree with that. So waht would have done had that been an emeny?"
** Al'verde corsses his amr as he leans back waiting for his answer **
Galen: "I would have tried the exact same thing," Galen says with a slight smile.
Al'verde: "You wouldn't have simply put them out of their misery."
Galen: "If they were too far gone," he answers. "But that's not the same thing to me."
Al'verde: "And if Raik had asked you to end her life?"
** Al'verde wanted to see what Galens' limits were. Next to fighting him this was the best way. **
Galen: "Then I would have done it," Galen says. "Besides, I once came extremely close to putting a blaster bolt in her head without her asking for. Back on Nazren when she went crazy and hijacked Talon's ship."
Alicia: Anya leans her head against Galen's shoulder, a frow creasing her expression as she listens to the talk.
Galen: "Can we not talk about this right now?" Galen asks.
Alicia: Anya: "I agree"
Al'verde: "Yeah I know. We stopped her. I suppose, guess I'm just a little numb to it cause my troopsand I would talk about things like this after we lost someone or had to lose someone. Just make sure you a prepaired to lose. If not then you will lose your honor." he says as he walks away to find someone else to talk to.
** Galen wraps an arm around Anya and leans his head against hers, trying to sleep and end this horrible day. **
** Al'verde tires to find something else to do to pass the time **
** Min Seras walked right by people, seeking out the nearest source of caffiene. The dark-haired woman looked a bit rough, bandaged in several spots. Her hair was disheveled, and while she appears weary, her blue eyes are still focused. While she had put up her rifle, she still had a few blasters strapped on. She'd changed into clean clothes, consisting of a gray sports bra, military style pants, and suspenders. She practically screamed mercenary. **
Min Seras: (aww)
** Al'verde is over two meteres tall and weighs in a 300 lb without all his armor and gear. His white and read armor made him standout agains the ships dark gray metal and everyones' blue uniform. The blaster attacher to his shoulder did not help. The scar on his face made it clear that he had seen a lot of combat. His black hair was tucked into his armor. As he made his way through the ship he tried his best not to push anyone over as he put the heavy repeater away. He looked over everyone and noticed a woman looking for something. He walked over and smiled "Looking for something? I'm Al'verde Verd'yc, Captain of the Shadow Spire. That would be the ship you're on now." he adds with a smile **
Min Seras: She stares a moment before speaking gruffly. "Caffiene."
Al'verde: "Right...Well that would be over there." he says pointing to the commons area "That's where all the food and drink is...of if you see a skull on the bottle that means it's mine, and that means that it's a strong alcholic drink."
Min Seras: She grins. "Thanks for telling me where the good stuff is, cap."
Al'verde: "Hey I never said you could have it."
Min Seras: Once she finishes preparing her accelerant nice and strong, she gulps some down. "I'm alive again... name's Min Seras."
** Al'verde sighs Great another woman who thinks she can do whatever she wants. What in the hell is it with my luck and dealing with women like this he thinks as he rubs his head. He walks over as she introduces herself "Well it's...nice to meet you." he offers his large hand **
Min Seras: She offers a slightly greasy hand and shakes firmly.
** Al'verde does not notice as he still has his armor on **
Min Seras: "You're in charge of this boat? Well thanks for taking me on. It wasn't too pleasant back on the Resurgence."
Al'verde: "Yeah I've been in charge of this boat sence it was fisrt in service. That was back when it served Gama Squad. It's not that pretty but it packs a big punch and it can take some good hits itself."
Min Seras: "Who cares about pretty?" She smirks. "Good arsenal?"
Al'verde: "I would say. A set of heavy quad blaster cannons, a set of medium double blaster cannons, a proton torpedo launcher, and a tractor beam." He smiles "Most of the upgrades I had to pay for myself."
Min Seras: "Sounds tough enough. Armory on board?"
Al'verde: "That would be me. The rest of the cre carry their own weapons."
** Al'verde points out the cannon on his shoulder and the power hammer on his left forearm **
Min Seras: She draws her pistol. "Not my pride and joy, but it gets the job done when in a tight spot. My Vera is locked up for the moment."
Al'verde: "Well I can take a look at it for you. I'm always cleaning my guns."
Min Seras: "People got nervous with me carrying her, so I locked her up."
Min Seras: She sounds frustrated over such a thing.
Al'verde: "Wait...what is Vera? Don't tell me it's some sort of creature."
Min Seras: "No, she's my rifle."

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