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A Reckoning of Wraiths
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 14:31
Dawn of Defiance
A Reckoning of Wraiths

The two day trip to rendevous with the Resurgence is exceedingly long. In the confined space of the Shadow Spire there isn't much to keep a person occupied. Left almost forgotten, still trussed, is the operative Varth requested you rescue and had tracked to the Seperatist inspired cantina. Trenol has grown exceedingly quiet, though he still tries to break from the bonds he's been forced into.
((Please declare anything you'd like to do, or you may continue to roleplay for the trip.))
Galen: ((How much healing would I have gotten during the trip?))
Alicia: you'd probably be at full
Alicia: Lucien could probably be convinced to do so
** Galen has remained mostly silent during the trip back to the Resurgance, his literal fight with Al'verde still on his mind. **
** Tee'ra spends most of the time going over the information they obtained from the safehouse, and meditating. **
** Al'verde walks into the room Trenol was being kept in, with out his armor or weapons. He smiles at the man as he sits down "You know if you give me a good reason to trust you I might take em off." **
Alicia: With the gag still in his mouth he can hardly make a reply
** Al'verde removes the gag **
Alicia: "And why should I trust you? You've kidnapped me. Well you won't get a ransom for me if that's what you're thinking."
Al'verde: "Not looking for one. My higher ups told me you were looking for a way out. We've been in a bit of a rush. I'm Al'verde."
Al'verde: "Needless to say we havn't had time to explane things."
Alicia: Trenol hardly looks impressed.
** Al'verde is not trying to impress him "So were you looking for a way out of the Empire?" **
Alicia: "What ever gave you that idea?"
Al'verde: "Do you answer all questions with a question?"
** Galen rests in his small cabin while the questioning takes place. **
Alicia: "DO you have to ask such ridiculous questions?"
Al'verde: "What do you think?"
Alicia: Trenol's face turns into something akin to annoyance before he says, "Why don't you find a Wookiee to banter with. I bet it would be on your level."
Al'verde: "It might be, but seeing as I'm the captian of this ship I get to pick when and where you get dropped off. So back to my first question were you or or were you not looking for a way out?"
Alicia: "Of what?"
** Al'verde sighs "You know what I'll let my CO deal with you. I'm not that good at play nice with di'kuts." **
Alicia: The man's head cocks, in what seems to be amusment but he doesn't say anything.
Al'verde: "Ill be right back." he says walking off and locking the door behind him. He walks off to find Galen "Hey Galen I need to borrow your blaster pistol for a moment."
** Galen looks up. "What for?" **
Al'verde: "I need to stun someone and none of my guns have that setting."
Galen: "Why do you need to stun someone? Oh," he adds, thinking of the pseudo-prisoner. "he causing a ruckus?"
Al'verde: "No he's just being a smart-ass and I don't like him."
Galen: "That's not a reason to stun him, but..." he pauses. "Just make sure he's kept knocked out until we get him back to the Resurgance. If he's not all that cooperative it's best he know as little about our base as possible." He gets up and hands the pistol to Al.
** Al'verde smiles as he's handded the pistol "My ship my rules. Besides I'm only stuning him." With that said he walks off before Galen can respond. As he wlks back into the room he makes sure the pistol is set to stun "Ok I'm going to try this again. For ever question that you do not answer I'm going to shoot you." **
Alicia: "So it's torture now? How unique."
Al'verde: "No this is my way af getting rid of stress. Iv'e had to deal with nothing bu BS sense we got to that planet so you get to deal with it now. You see if we had not had to go and get you I could have prevented some of my commrades from dieing. Anyways, you ready?"
** Galen leaves his cabin and heads to the conservator in the common area and gets himself something to drink. He sits down as well. **
Tee'ra: "How have you been?" she asks, having not moved from her position on one of the seats in quite some time.
Alicia: "I don't know what I had to do with their deaths, but it seems you left quite a trail of blood behind you yourself."
Galen: "All right, I guess," Galen replies. "You?"
Al'verde: "Never said I was a saint..oh strike one." he add as he point the blaster at the man and fires
** Galen winces somewhat as he hears the blaster shot. **
Al'verde: [3d8+7] => [8,6,3,7] = (24)
Tee'ra: "I've been well. It seems relieving some stress. Since you have yet to run in the direction of that shot, I assume you know what's going on."
Alicia: he's now unconsious
Galen: "I gave him back his pistol. He says he's going to stun the guy. Sounded like a stun shot, so..."
Al'verde: "Aww...too bad. I'll wake him in a few hours and well try that again."
Galen: ((BRB))
** Al'verde walks out with a smiglty dissapointed look on his face as he locks the door "Well that didn't last long." **
Alicia: moving forward
Alicia: Hyperspace gives way to a dramatic scene: a number of ships on the horizon, including the Resurgence, are trading turbolaser fire. Orange explosions can be seen in the space surrounding the capital ships, signs of starfighter combat that is too far away to make out clearly. Two Star Destroyers on the edge of their effective range send out countless turbolaser blasts. The blasts are aimed primarily at the remaining Corellian Corvette but also at the Resurgence and the other ships under her protection.
While the Resurgence stands her ground, directing her own turbolaser blasts back at the Imperial ships, the other ships in the loyalist flotilla move away in an attempt to escape the melee. A flash of light followed by a large ball of fire and debris marks the violent end of a Gallofree transport. 
Your communications crackle to life suddenly, and the voice of Captain Verana greets you:
“You’re too late,” he says. “They’ve got us right where they want us. It’d be suicide for you to stay, but we’re running out of options. All of our escape pods have been jettisoned, and our shields are about to buckle. Mind if we hitch a ride with you?”
The voice of a nervous crewman in the background cuts in. “Sir! We’ve got reports of Imperial troops on board!” 
Verana curses. “On second thought, you guys might be better off—” 
An intense hiss of static ends the transmission.
Alicia: The majority of the heavy fire is being concentrates on the last of the corvettes, and the majority of the enemy TIE fighters are tangling with the loyalist starfighters.
Galen: "Oh no..." Galen can only whisper as he sees the carnage in front of him from the viewscreen. Everyone...
Alicia: Debris of a Corellian Gunship and two Corvettes are scattered in the area.
Alicia: (( sorry 1 corvette has been destroyed ))
Alicia: the 2nd is under fire
Al'verde: "Frak!! If we go in there we'll be targeted for sure but we can't just sit back and do nothing." Al'verde tries to think of his best options as the battle unfolds. He knew he only had a few seconds "Galen get to the guns. Luicen take over sensor and shield op. Ed you're his back up in the engine room!." he yells out ofver the ships inercomm as he grips the controls "Without a CO this will all be for nothing."
Galen: "Al," Galen says as he looks at the debris and ships still alive... barely, "we have got to get on the ship."
** Galen heads to the gun bay while Lucien heads to a computer panel next to Al'verde. **
Alicia: Looks like docking must be done via a docking tunnel.
** Al'verde lets the sublight engins rawr to life as he oppens the throttle up to max speed "Ok Shadow Spire time to earn your play." **
Al'verde: pay*
Alicia: Making your way to the Resurgence is a lot easier than you would expect. Shooting at passing TIE as they dogfight with the remaining starfighters you make it to the docking tunnel almost unscathed. The docking tunnel leads to the interior of the capital ship. Chaos is everywhere as lights flash and klaxons blare. Bodies of the crew litter the corridors, punctuated by the corpse of an occasional stormtrooper.
Galen: "Al, patch me in to the rest of what we got, if you can," Galen says.
Galen: ((Nevermind.))
** Al'verde would make sure he was fully armored and armed as he rest his hands on his balster cannon for a second "Ok we're going in hot. Take what you need and I don't give a damn what weapons you use." **
** Galen quickly and nervously dons his combat jumpsuit and grips his blaster rifle so tight the whites of his knuckles show. **
Galen: "Ready," he says.
Al'verde: "Tee'rea you ready?"
Alicia: Lucien and Ed volunteer to stick with the ship so the Imperials don't attempt to sabotage it
Al'verde: (( I second that ))
Tee'ra: Ready (Sorry again >.< My roommate's throwing a shindig and I was dragged from my comp for those last few minutes)>
Galen: ((Good idea))
Tee'ra: (*my roommate's throwing a shindig and I was dragged away from my computer for the last few minutes)
Alicia: Making you're way out its hard to get your bearings with the flashing of the lights and the dissaray of the corridores
Galen: "We need to head to the bridge," Galen says, stating the obvious. He looks carefully around the area, trying to find his way around the ruined corridors.
GalenPerception: [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
** Al'verde ries to access a computer to get a map so they can make their way up **
** Tee'ra pulls out and ignites her lightsabers, providing some cover for the others. **
Al'verdeUse Computer: [1d20+15+0] => [8,15,0] = (23)
Galen: "We need to be on Deck 17," Galen says. "Front of the ship in the drop," he adds as Al'verde looks for a computer.
Alicia: Together Al and Galen recall the way to the bridge where Verana is held up. Heading down the hallway, you round the corner and find the corridor you need to take has live power cables swinging back and forth in your path
Galen: "Of all the..." Galen says as he tries to find a way to cross safely.
** Al'verde looks at the power cables and takes aim with his heavy repeater "You think this might work?" **
Galen: "Not really..." Galen says. "But go ahead and try," he says with a sigh.
Tee'ra: "I'm not sure I'd be able to time a Move so that we could get all the way across."
** Al'verde opens fire **
Alicia: Al, roll attack to hit the first of the cables
Al'verde: [1d20+14] => [4,14] = (18)
Tee'ra: ((Are there any nearby computers?))
Alicia: none that you can see
Alicia: Al misses the first cable as it swings
Galen: "We're going to get some unwanted attention," Galen says as he watches Al miss. "Tee'ra, can you cut them with your lightsaber?"
** Al'verde get an idea as he pulls out some ion grenades "A fe of these might zap enough power form them for us to get by." **
Galen: "Even better..."
Tee'ra: "I'd have to get close enough to do that, Galen, and I don't want to be electrified.."
Al'verde: "Ok so we could try to like two or three together. What do you think Galen?" he asks pulling out his tool kit.
Al'verde: link*
** Galen nods quickly. **
** Al'verde get to work linking three of them together "You may want to take a step back." **
** Galen steps back after getting the warning. **
Al'verdeMechanics: [1d20+15+0] => [14,15,0] = (29)
Alicia: With the grenades linking together, Al gives a good heave to toss the compounded grenades into the midst of the electrified cables. Theirs a sputtering hiss after the grenades go off. The cables are now relatively subdued and you're able to pass through them
** Galen takes the lead and jogs down the hallway. **
** Al'verde smiles to himself as he takes of running "Jackpot." **
Alicia: You come to the lift and realize that the power to them has been cut off.
** Al'verde looks for a access panal "Galen up ro down?" **
Galen: "Down," Galen replies.
Galen: ((Thank God I have that old WEG schematic...))
Alicia: (( heh ))
Al'verde: "Right." He once again pulls out his 'cut throguh just about anything' sword and tarts to cut a hole. Once the hole is cut he pulls out some liquad cable "Ok I'll lower you down."
Alicia: everyone make a climb check with Al making a strength check
Galen: [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26)
Al'verde: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
Al'verde: [2d6] => [6,2] = (8)
Alicia: Mike
Tee'ra: Climb: [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
Alicia: Galen makes it down, rappeling down as Al lowers him. Tee'ra on the other hand has to hold on to the liquid cable as Al, quickly sends her down after Galen and she half falls half drops to the needed level.
** Galen scans the area as he sets down on it, covering his allies as they make their way down. **
Alicia: Galen only encounters the strewn bodies of stormtroopers and the occasional Alderanean security member
** Al'verde looks for something to tie the cabl off on or makeas a small hols beside the main one so the can tie the cable off. As he jumps down the hole he would go done face first, letting the cable guide him down, and gribbing the cable tight about six meters before the level he needs to stop at **
** Galen looks at the bodies of the dead rebels to see if he recognizes any of them **
Al'verdeClimb: [1d20+16+0] => [9,16,0] = (25)
** Al'verde stops just short of the level and uses the motion of his body stoping to swing his feet around and land on his feet " **
Al'verde: "Ok Galen where to nect?"
Galen: "Right behind us," he says, pointing to a door.
Al'verde: "Locked it take it?"
Galen: "Haven't checked," he says. "I was making sure no one came looking for us while we were getting out of the lift.
Alicia: Most of the crew you see are security personal or maybe the unfortunate crew to find themselves stuck in the hallway without a way to evacuate when the Imperials came aboard. Galen may know a face here or there if not their names
Al'verde: "Right try the door I'm taking point."
** Al'verde tiakes aim with his heavy repeater and get his cannon ready to blast anyone on the other side of the door **
** Galen raises his blaster as he walks past the bodies of his compatriots. Fortunately for him at the moment, it's no one he knows very well. He heads to the door and pushes the button next to it, ready to fire a shot at any Imperial he sees behind it. **
Alicia: sec
** Tee'ra raises her lightsabers in a defensive position, ready to charge. **
Alicia: The door opens and the distinctive sound of blaster fire can be heard up ahead. Peering around a corner, you see the bridge access corridor crowded with the bodies of fallen crew and stormtroopers. From the looks of things, the crew attempted to evacuate but instead were bottled up here by a squad of stormtroopers led by an Imperial officer. 
“All right, Verana,” the officer calls over a sustained burst of fire. “This is your last chance! Surrender!” 
Verana’s voice, somewhat pained, answers, “Go to hell!” 
“Have it your way!” the Imperial officer answers before turning to the trooper next to him. “Go on in, sergeant. Take no prisoners.”
Alicia: (( map getting loaded ))
Galen: ((Which Imp is the first one I saw? I have a readied action))
Alicia: (( and for some reason I always forget your mini Galen ))
Alicia: 1 officer 2 ST [1d2] => [2] = (2)
Alicia: Galen...?
Al'verde: "Ca'nara bah galar tal. "
Galen: ((Go ahead and take it?))
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+18] => [2,18] = (20); damage [3d8+6] => [1,5,5,6] = (17)

Starting Round # 1 [D20]
Roll New Initiatives
Galen added to list at init count 18 !
Galen: Galen [1d20+15] => [3,15] = (18) init
Al'verde added to list at init count 28 !
Al'verde: Al'verde [1d20+13] => [15,13] = (28) init
Elite Stormtrooper added to list at init count 11 !
Alicia: Elite Stormtrooper [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11) init
Heavy Imperal Officer added to list at init count 13 !
Alicia: Heavy Imperal Officer [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13) init
Tee'ra added to list at init count 34 !
Tee'ra: Tee'ra [1d20+16] => [18,16] = (34) init
Resurgence Crew added to list at init count 11 !
Alicia: Resurgence Crew [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11) init
Verana added to list at init count 19 !
Alicia: Verana [1d20+6] => [13,6] = (19) init

Initiatives (Current Count: 0; Sandglass: off):
1) : [34] Tee'ra 
2) : [28] Al'verde 
3) : [19] Verana 
4) : [18] Galen 
5) : [13] Heavy Imperal Officer 
6) : [11] Elite Stormtrooper 
7) : [11] Resurgence Crew 
Alicia: showinits
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [34] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [28] Al'verde )
Tee'ra: Hmm...
Alicia: oh. Galen's preemptive attack hit the trooper in the shoulder, an alarm goes up that there are hostiles coming from behind
Galen: ((Wow, really?))
** Tee'ra runs forward, headed straight for the officer. **
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [28] Al'verde 
(on deck: [19] Verana )
Tee'ra: nextinit
** Al'verde comes around the cornor "Say hello to my little friend." he says lets lose with a blast form his cannon aimed right for trooper 2 **
Al'verde: Blaster Cannon [1d20+14+1] => [3,14,1] = (18) damage [3d12+7+1] => [2,4,4,7,1] = (18) (Devastating Attack, Area attack)
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [19] Verana 
(on deck: [18] Galen )
Al'verde: nextinit
Alicia: sec
Alicia: Everyone gets a +1 to attack
Alicia: and Verana takes a shot off at trooper 6
AliciaVerana Sporting Blaster rifle [1d20+11+0] => [14,11,0] = (25) damage [2,4,1,6] = (13)
Galen: ((He activate Born Leader before I could?))
Alicia: yes
Alicia: is it a named bonus?
Galen: ((+1 Insight bonus, so yes))
Alicia: yup.. so it can't stack
(on deck: [13] Heavy Imperal Officer )
** Galen looks at the Stormtroopers, and aims his blaster rifle at the officer. "This is for everyone you've killed today," he says as he pulls the trigger. **
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19] => [5,19] = (24) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [3,1,6,6] = (16)
Alicia: hits
5) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [13] Heavy Imperal Officer 
(on deck: [11] Elite Stormtrooper )
Galen: nextinit
Alicia: The Officer turns and gives his men some inspirational words before coordinating an attack and moving further in toward the bridge so his stromtroopers can cover him better.
6) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [11] Elite Stormtrooper 
(on deck: [11] Resurgence Crew )
Alicia: They coordinate their fire on Tee'ra
AliciaElite Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle (autofire) [1d20+9+1+3] => [19,9,1,3] = (32) damage [2,7,8,4] = (21)
7) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [11] Resurgence Crew 
(on deck: [34] Tee'ra )
Alicia: they maintain their cover

End of Round
Starting Round # 2
Tee'ra: (How many shots are fired?)
Alicia: they coordinated
Alicia: so one, but all three fired
Tee'ra: Can I deflect?
Kilsek (exit): 19:38
Alicia: you may attemp, did it hit normally?
Tee'ra: Yep
Alicia: for half damge then
Tee'ra: Deflect (UtF): [1d20+18] => [7,18] = (25)
Alicia: nope
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [34] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [28] Al'verde )
Tee'ra: Ah well..
** Tee'ra rushes toward #1, gaining a burst of speed as she surges forward. Surge (UtF): [1d20+18] => [5,18] = (23) **
** Tee'ra swings in an upward arc with one of her lightsabers. **
Tee'ra: Lightsaber, Single Attack: [1d20+18] => [17,18] = (35) for [2d8+11] => [3,8,11] = (22) damage
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [28] Al'verde 
(on deck: [19] Verana )
Tee'ra: nextinit
Alicia: Trooper 1 goes down
** Al'verde contines to walk forward not letting up on his assault (tactical edge using Assault tactice on the officer giving everyone +1d6 damage) Having alreay let lose with his main cannon the heavy repeater lets lose with a volly of bolts **
Al'verde: Heavy Repeating Blaster [1d20+14+-1] => [15,14,-1] = (28) damage [3d10+7++1] => [1,5,7,7,1] = (21) (Devastating Attack)
Al'verde: [1d6] => [1] = (1)
Alicia: hits
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [19] Verana 
(on deck: [18] Galen )
Al'verde: "Ok guys lets finish this up now!" he yells as the trooper and his officer ar pelted with bolts nextinit
Alicia: He stays put in cover firing on 6
AliciaVerana Sporting Blaster rifle [1d20+11+1+0] => [18,11,1,0] = (30) damage [2,3,4,6] = (15)
(on deck: [13] Heavy Imperal Officer )
** Galen looks at the back row of stormtroopers through the fray and switches his blaster rifle to autofire. He glances at them, trying to find the correct angle of attack for them. Finally satisfied, Galen pulls the trigger and doesn't let go for a few seconds. **
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+16-5] => [12,16,-5] = (23); damage [4d8+6] => [7,1,7,8,6] = (29) (PBS + Rapid Shot)
Galen: [2d6] => [3,1] = (4)
Galen: ((If needed))
Alicia: not needed
Alicia: officer goes down
Galen: ((I aimed at the back row, though))
Galen: ((4,5,6))
Alicia: oh, sorry. sec
Alicia: 6 goes down
Alicia: Done? Hit next
5) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [13] Heavy Imperal Officer 
(on deck: [11] Elite Stormtrooper )
Galen: nextinit
Alicia: Tactics [1d20+13+0] => [15,13,0] = (28)
6) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [11] Elite Stormtrooper 
(on deck: [11] Resurgence Crew )
Alicia: The troopers coordinate on Tee'ra
Tee'ra: ((Bastards))
AliciaElite Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle (autofire) [1d20+9+1+4] => [2,9,1,4] = (16) damage [5,1,2,2,4] = (14)
Tee'ra: Deflect: [1d20+18] => [5,18] = (23)
Al'verde: (( I'm no longer the big target...go get em ))
AliciaElite Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle (autofire) [1d20+9+1+0] => [12,9,1,0] = (22) damage [3,7,5,4,4] = (23)
Alicia: oops
7) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [11] Resurgence Crew 
(on deck: [34] Tee'ra )
Galen: ((Jedi... One of the drawbacks of playing one in a Dark Times campaign. The enemies always aim for the one with the lightsaber))
AliciaCrew blaster pistol [1d20+4+1+0] => [3,4,1,0] = (8) damage [4,2,3] = (9)
Tee'ra: (Mm..good thing I concentrated a little bit on defense I s'pose)
AliciaCrew blaster pistol [1d20+4+1+0] => [19,4,1,0] = (24) damage [1,2,2] = (5)
Alicia: Trooper 4 is hit

End of Round
Starting Round # 3
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [34] Tee'ra 
(on deck: [28] Al'verde )
Alicia: skipping
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [28] Al'verde 
(on deck: [19] Verana )
Tee'ra: (Damn...I hate my roommate -_-. Had to order my dinner just then, and I was looking up combat maneuvers previous)
** Al'verde smiles as he pulls a round object out "Lets rock and roll!" he yells as he moves closer and tosses the shiny objest through the air **
Al'verdeThermal [1d20+14+-1] => [11,14,-1] = (24) Damage [8d6+7] => [3,4,4,3,3,3,4,3,7] = (34)
Al'verde: [1d6] => [1] = (1)
Alicia: Only trooper 3 is still standing
** Tee'ra is glad Al knows how to throw! **
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [19] Verana 
(on deck: [18] Galen )
** Al'verde can not help but smile at the large explotion as it wips out most the troops. nextinit **
Alicia: Verana stands from the cover and repeats back to the trooper in a no-nonsense tone. "Surrender." Looking between the two groups flanking and the nearby Jedi he drops his weapon.
Alicia: End combat
** Galen looks at the devastation caused by the thermal detonator and shakes his head somewhat before taking a quick aim at the remaining stormtrooper and fires a single shot at him sfter switching the weapon to stun. **
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19] => [17,19] = (36) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [6,8,4,6] = (24)
Al'verde: "I beleve you were asking for a ride earlier sir." Al'verde says walking into the main bridge area
Alicia: The stun blast is enough to knock the trooper unconsious and he topples to the ground. The rest of the remaining bridge crew move to surround Verana and he watches as you enter the bridge. A wave of turbolaser fire hits the ship, something which has been happening more numberously over, but this one is sharp, hitting through the shields. Roll Dex
Galen: "Everyone all right?" Galen says as he enters the bridge proper. "Lt. Galen Wentlas reporting back in, sir," he adds with a salute.
Galen: [d20+4] => d20+4
Tee'ra: Dex: [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
Galen: [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
Al'verde: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
Alicia: The bridge crew topple to the ground, but Verana even in his injured state manages to stay on his feet. Galen and Al are also knocked off their feet.
** Galen slowly stands up. "Sorry about that, sir," he states. **
Al'verde: "Time to move!" he yells standing up "My ship is preped and ready to go."
Captian Tylor: The crew look exhausted and utterly frightened, but a steely determination is visible deep in their eyes as they regain their feet. Verana has a crimson stain spreading slowly across his chest.
Alicia: At some point during the battle he was shot! “I was wondering if you were going to show up,” Verana teases, his smile belying the pain he is suffering from his wounds.
** Galen looks around the bridge crew. "Captain Verana," he says. "Any news about Lt. Anya Reiher?" **
Alicia: He shakes his head. "Hopefully she made it off. We're all that's left."
Al'verde: "Come on we need to go. I'm taking point. Tee'ra you take the rear guard."
Alicia: “I’ve got some bad news,” Verana says. “We’ve had a report that Master Denia and Raith have been taken prisoner by the Inquisitorius.” 
The Captain lets the news sink in for a moment. 
“If you think you can make it, get to the landing bay at once. You might be able to stop the Inquisitors before they can get them off the Resurgence. My crew and I can find our way to your ships, and we’ll meet you there. Now go!”
Alicia: Raik.. damn
** Al'verde nods running as fast as he can, not saying a word **
Alicia: going to call it here... got through things quicker than I had planned
Galen: "I hope so, too," Galen says, a hint of worry in his voice. As Verana mentions Denia, Raik and the Inquisitors, he attempts to put his personal life on hold. "We'll make sure they don't fall into enemy hands," he says, the thought that Raik was possibly being rescued in his mind.

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