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A Reckoning of Wraiths
Sunday, 17 October 2010 15:11

Dawn of Defiance
A Reckoning of Wraiths

You've managed to escape the horrifying sight of your safe harbor and, for some, home as well as the fleet under its charge destroyed by the small armada directed there by the traitorous Admiral Varth, the once believe former Imperial Admiral. Now traveling through hyperspace, Raik fights for her life as she lays quite still as Lucien looks on, half in a daze as his beloved fiance's life hangs in the balance. 
After the initial quick jump and a short jump after that, Verana places the cooridinates to Alderan into the nav computer. They trip to your final destination lasting only a few more hours.
** Al'verde does what he can to make sure Lucien is left alone as he walkes around his ship checking one the troops. **
** Galen is still sitting on the floor, awake but not moving to ensure that Anya, the woman sitting beside him doesn't awaken. He gives a slight wave of greeting to Al'verde as he enters the crowded room. **
Alicia: Verana goes in search of Al and Galen and seems to be glad to find you both in the cargo bay. "I'd like a word with you two before we arrive."
** Min Seras crouches with her back to the bulkhead and checks her gear, usual maintenance, wanting to be ready for anything. She watches Al'verde, and these others, sharp blue eyes alert. **
Galen: "Alright," Galen says, slowly getting up from the floor.
** Al'verde waves back as he glances at everyone. His ship was indeed crowdrd now. The sonner that he could drop the crew off the better for him. Al'verde look up "We can talk in the cockpit if needed." **
Alicia: "Good," he says and with you two following behind he heads to the cockpit.
Al'verde: As soon as the three men are in he closes the door behind them and sits in the pilots' seat
** Min Seras watches them go. Digging into her satchel, she checks her explosives and rations. A good soldier was never without either. **
Alicia: (( Tee'ra... what are you doing? ))
** Tee'ra spends most of the trip doing what she's usually up to; meditation. She's chosen a spot in one of the gunner seats, as it's a less crowded area. **
Alicia: (( doing a private chat with the two of them. RP as you please till then ))
** Min Seras brushes her dark hair from her face, rising and practicing some moves, stretching her muscles and working out the kinks. Being cooped up on a ship made her feel restless. She was still in the cargo bay. **
** Tee'ra finishes one of her exercises and heads back toward the main area. Seeing it so crowded, she slips away and decides to check out the cargo bay, where hopefully few of the guests were staying. **
Alicia: Everyone in the cargo is either trying to sleep or seems to be in a state of open eyed shock, unable to sleep no matter how they try. THose closest to Min sense her movement in her attempt to practice and while some watch with some admiration, others look on in annoyance as the tight space doesn't allow for such activities
Min Seras: She is stretching her arms when Tee'ra enters.
Tee'ra: "Nope, no luck here either..." she mutters, taking a look around. She notices someone attempting to stretch, but shrugs and picks a small spot to begin her own exercises.
Min Seras: She glances over at Teer'ra. Min was rather young, dressed in a simple gray sports bra, and matching pants lined with pockets. Her short dark hair and blue eyes didn't help with determining what world she'd called home. She wore fingerless gloves on her hands, and a pistol strapped to her right thigh. A large bundle was up against the bulkhead right behind her.
** Tee'ra had a decent-sized cloak around her, though it didn't conceal a belt packed with small devices and other utility items like cable. She was wearing a multi-pocketed vest and pants with multiple pockets as well. She pulled out two lightsabers but didn't ignite them. Instead she moved in place, almost effortlessly, practicing the fourth form. **
Min Seras: She mutters. "And they gave me a hard time about the weapon I carry."
Tee'ra: "Hmm, what was that?" she said, still moving in place.
Min Seras: "Apparently my rifle needed to be stowed, when I came aboard. Like I would shoot it in here."
** Al'verde opens the door to the cockpit and walks out. He slowly makes his way through the ship looking for Seras. Anyone giving him a fowl look would also have to look at the cannon on his right shoulder. **
Min Seras: "You can do more damage with those. Now explosive charges are a different story...
** Galen follows Al'verde out of the cockpit, headed in the same direction as the Mandalorian. **
Tee'ra: "Heh, well, I'm careful with these, and I've been here a little bit longer.." she says with a wink. "Besides, I can't afford to lose these babies.."
Min Seras: She grins. "I understand what you mean. My Vera stays with me until I'm a corpse."
Al'verde: "Careful?? you call pulling one out and fliping it on in a bar, when Jedi are being hunted down, careful? I would hate to see waht you call wreckless."
Galen: "A bar of Coruscant," Galen adds.
Galen: *on...
Tee'ra: "Hey, no-one got hurt that wasn't meant to..and we got out of that situation with little incidents.." she mutters.
Al'verde: "Just watch it with thoes things ok. Most people don't like jedi anymore."
Tee'ra: ((As I told Alicia a moment ago, my battery's now about to go out. I'll be back in approx. 45 minutes or so..I hope.)) "Yeah yeah..get me a heavy blaster pistol and maybe I won't have to use them. Mine were...appropriated, in that bar, along with most of the supplies I was trying to move."
** Al'verde looks up at Seras "Min can you come here for a moment?" **
Min Seras: "Sure, cap." She stretches her arms over her head, walking up to Al'verde.
Galen: "You need me?" Galen asks Al.
Al'verde: "Nope you can tend to your woman. Just keep your clothes on." he smiles
** Galen chuckles **
Galen: "Kind of hard to be alone with everyone here," he replies as he heads back to where Anya is sitting.
Galen: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
Alicia: Anya looks up, giving Galen a tired smile as he sits beside her again. She hadn't been able to sleep much though she had tried.
Galen: ((Oops))
Al'verde: "Come with me." he says glancing at Seras. He makes his way to the cockpit and walks in, leaving the door open. "How would you feel about getting a chance to use you skill to get back at the Empire?"
Min Seras: She grins... widely. Like a cat left alone with a mouse to play with.
Galen: "You all right?" he asks as he sits down.
Min Seras: "I'm normally not too picky about who I shoot, but after that last stunt, I would enjoy making a mess of some Imperial thugs."
Al'verde: "And who would you feel about a Mandalorian commander?"
Min Seras: "That supposed to bother me or something? Tough as steel, if the stories are true."
Alicia: Anya: "Things could be better." Her gaze goes towards the room Lucien had taken Raik to rest out of the way. "It's horrible what happened to her. I heard over the comms that they had been captured by the Inquisitors, many of us thought it had been Raik who had turned on us."
Al'verde: " I thought we had a better rep than that. Anyways, if your up to it, you're going to be reasigned to my team. Most of the time we find ourselve on the wrong end of the Imperals blasters, and out snumbered. You up for the job?"
Min Seras: "Great, as long as I have something to shoot or blow up, I'll be happy."
Galen: "I had the same thought myself when I heard from Verana that she had been 'captured.' I thought that it was part of her escape. Maybe not," he says. "Probably not."
Al'verde: "Then you'll be very happy.
Min Seras: "Oh, I can patch holes too." She smiles brightly, as if trying to downplay her eagerness to be destructive.
Al'verde: "So what this Vera you keep talking about?"
Alicia: "If that was the case, Draco certaintly wasn't going to let her survive this ordeal... She's a strong woman to have survived all that."
Min Seras: She bends down, opening her dufflebag and withdrawing a modified blaster rifle. The name 'Vera' is carved into the side.
Alicia: (( so you're a female Jane ))
Galen: "I read up on her before the Nizon mission," he says. "She certainly has been a survivor."
Xel: ((Jayne is a girl's name.))
Galen: ((Man, I love Firefly...))
Min Seras: (pretty close. I couldn't resist the idea when I decided to focus on rifle)
Min Seras: "This is my pride and joy. She's been with me since basic training."
Alicia: (( *starts humming Jayne's theme* ))
Al'verde: (( so you are now in charge of PR? ))
Min Seras: (think if Jayne and Revy had a kid)
Al'verde: "May I?" he asks holding out his hands.
Min Seras: (that's Min.)
Min Seras: She hesitates, then hands over the rifle.
Min Seras: (Revy from Black Lagoon, for those who didn't get the reference)
Alicia: Anya nods. "I've heard she was a Jedi once, but was kicked out for dabbling with the Sith Alchemy or something. She did have that creature in her thrall didn't she?"
Alicia: "On Almas?"
Galen: "From the reports I've read," he says. "I wasn't on that mission. Still on the Resurgance.
Min Seras: "She's kept me alive through every mission or job I've been on."
Alicia: "Yes, I know. But you've had access to those reports. Most of what I know was from hearsay."
Galen: "She's had access to them for twelve--well, two--years," he says. "Talking about time in the Cularin system right now can get messy."
** Al'verde looks over the rifle "Humm. You filed dwon the finger guard for better rapid fire, reconfigured the power pack slot for faster reloading, add length to the sights. Wow you've really taken care of this gun." he says handing it back. **
Min Seras: "You got a sharp eye. Good."
Min Seras: "Vera is my sister, only one I want or need."
Galen: ((The events of year two of the Living Force campaign involved the entire system jumping in time from 32 BBY to 22, with no ill effect on the citizens))
Min Seras: (thanks for the info, didn't know that)
Min Seras: She puts Vera back in her bag, securing it before closing the bag and fastening the lock. Yes, she was that paranoid.
Galen: "I'm sorry I couldn't have gotten there sooner," Galen says.
Min Seras: "My pistol is fairly standard. Also, I carry explosives, FSAG."
Al'verde: "Well I am a Mandalorian, we sort of have a thing for modding our armor and weapons" he smiles "I took care of both in one shot." He places his right hand on the cannon "This thing righ here save my team and I too many time to count."
Al'verde: "Thats good. If you ever need a grenade let me know. I've got more than enough."
Min Seras: "Better living through superior firepower, right cap? I'm not a bad mechanic either, and can slice a bit if the situation calls for it."
Alicia: Anya shakes her head. "There wasn't anything you could have done. They knew exactly where we were. If you had gotten there sooner, you likely might have gotten caught in the initial bombardment." SHe smiles at him bravely. "You got there exactly when you needed to."
Galen: "I'm very glad I saved you," he says. "I just wish I could saved the ones that they gunned down during the rescue."
Alicia: Upon being reminded a bit of the risidual terror creaps back onto her sweet face for a moment. "They're such brutes..."
** Al'verde take off one of the bandoliers, showing that each pouch has a power pack or grenade inside. "Well I'm pretty good with both myself. I had to live on this ship for three months. Well I think you're just the woman I need for my team. The other two seem...a little weak of heart when comes to fighting this war. It's good to know I can count on someone to have my back." **
** Galen frowns upon bringing up such an unpleasant recent memory. "I'm sorry about that," he says. "I shouldn't have mentioned it." **
Min Seras: "Alright cap, where do you need me then?"
Min Seras: "I did mention I can patch people up, right?"
Alicia: Anya shakes her head, and the places in on Galen's shoulder not saying anything. "What do you think is going to happen next?"
Al'verde: "Well right now...I'm not sure. Ship's a little crowdrd. After we drop off the crew I'll let you know. I'll also asign you a room. You'll most likely end having to share so I guess it's a pick your posion for your room."
Min Seras: "I'm sure I can find a roommate. Might have to scare a few away..." She grins, winking at Al'verde.
Galen: "We're headed back to Alderaan," he says. "Yeah, I know, horrible homecomings for both of us this week," he quickly adds. "Then, we're going after Varth and Draco," he says.
Min Seras: "What's our next move? Drop some of these people off, then what?"
Al'verde: "Well your choices are slim. A Jedi with a few things to learn, an ex Impreal officer, or a hard headed formor sargent who thinks he's a tank."
Alicia: Galen can feel her head move in a nod from its position on his shoulder. "I hope this is over soon."
Al'verde: "Well I'm not sure. We're going to meet up with Organa for our next mission."
** Galen wraps an arm around her. "Same here," he says. "Same here." **
Galen: ((Yeah, in 40 years... Damn, sometimes my EU-fu can get depressing.))
Al'verde: (( Al can end it sooner for you if you want =^_^= ))
Alicia: (( 40 years? ))
Alicia: (( don't you mean 20? ))
Galen: ((Final peace treaty between rebellion and empire is in 19 ABY, sure it's mostly small stuff after Endor, but still.))
Min Seras: "The sergeant sounds the most fun. The other two, who knows?"
Galen: ((BRB))
Al'verde: "I'll warn you now. He's very stubborn and like to get his way."
Min Seras: "I'm sure I'll drive him nuts soon enough."
Al'verde: "Well once eveyone is off the ship I'll show you your room. Till then you can do what you want. I think
Galen: ((Back))
Al'verde: I'll stay up here so I'm out of the way."
Alicia: Al gets the warning that the ship is dropping out of hypserspace soon
** Al'verde smiles "Look like I'm getting my ship back soon. Take a seat. It's time for you to get use to this ships sensors." **
Min Seras: She nods, and takes a seat as directed. Possibly the first time she followed an order correctly.
** Al'verde flips on the ships intercomm system "We're dropping out of lightspeed people." **
Min Seras: "Passive scan?"
Al'verde: "That will do for now."
Min Seras: She selects a passive scan, trying to keep the ship from drawing attention until they can be sure they didn't arrive to an ambush.
Alicia: The sight of the lush planet on the view screen, is a reassuring one ideed for those who have seen or at least heard of it's pleasures as an example of art through life. There's no signs of any of the other ships from the surviving fleet nor of any sign that you have persued there by the Empire.
Min Seras: "Sensors look clear, cap."
Alicia: It's not long before the space authorities of Alderaan are welcoming you to the system and after a quick exchange of identifactions you are provided a course of action. With directions from Alderaan's spaceport, you are sent the trajectory to land at a private landing pad just off the planet's royal palace, an honor indeed. It's not long before the Spire is planet side and the ramp is opened by the survivors eager to be off the cramped ship and to breathe the fresh air of the beautiful planet. Waiting for Al'verde, Galen, Tee'ra and Min Seras to gather, he soon motions for you to follow him.
Galen: "I'll be right back," Galen says to Anya as he heads off with Al, Tee'ra and Min.
Alicia: Anya walks with Galen up until Verana summons him to follow, giving him a reassuring smile she starts to move off with the others.
Al'verde: "Alright lets get to it." he says as he walks off the ship in full armor with his helmet held under his right arm.
Min Seras: She follows Al'verde down to the ramp. "Alderaan huh? No wonder I've never been here before, it's too pretty."
Galen: "It is," Galen says, looking at the scenery again.
Alicia: Verana leads you into the palace proper, soon surrounded by what must be honor guards as the rag tag group is led in. A woman in white robes waits at the entrance to the Palace and smiles in greeting as she gives you a respectful bow. "Please this way, Senator Organa is expecting you." 
Verana takes his leave of you, heading in a seperate direction from where the aid is taking you. He manages to give you a small sad smile as he departs. 
The aid leads you into a large hall, lined spectacularly in tapestries and paintings between high large windows allowing the sunlight from the crisp day to stream in. Large doors stand at the end of the hall and to these the woman heads, stopping just before arriving to turn to you. "If you would please wait here, he will receive you momentarily," beaming a smile at you she heads towards the doors, which are opened slightly allowing her entry by the two foot soldiers standing at either side.
** Al'verde shrugs "Before I joind up with this group I stuck to the outer rim." **
** Al'verde elbows Galen lightly "She's a little to happy...kind of creepy if you ask me." he whispers **
** Galen looks at Al'verde. "She's been through a lot," he says. "I think we all have." **
Min Seras: "I've been around a good bit, Core and Outer Rim. Never been here before though."
** Al'verde shrugs as he waits. **
Galen: "Are you insinuating something?"
Min Seras: She glances around at the architecture curiously.
Alicia: Perceptions
Al'verdePerception: [1d20+15+-2] => [19,15,-2] = (32)
GalenPerception: [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26)
Min SerasPerception: [1d20+12+0] => [8,12,0] = (20)
Xel: ((... woof. Some good rolls...))
Alicia: You all hear the sound of feet clicking on the tiled floor, the echos getting louder as they closer.
Alicia: get closer*
Min Seras: She turns swiftly on her heel, facing the direction of the approaching footsteps. Arms folded across her chest.
Alicia: It's coming from the door the aid entered
** Galen listens as the footsteps begin to get closer. He stands as they near. **
** Al'verde looks in the direction of the sound and stands at attention. Old habits never die. **
Alicia: The doors to the Grand Hall open, and in strides a middle-aged man who has a well-kept goatee and is wearing Senatorial robes. Easily recognizable as Bail Organa, he smiles and nods to the servants before turning to you. “Welcome to Alderaan,” he says. “I had hoped we might meet under more pleasant circumstances, but unfortunately the Empire makes almost everything unpleasant. We’ve paid a heavy price for the information you’ve managed to gather. We've also learned, unfortunately, that we have been tricked—betrayed. Varth's betrayal has hit deeply and some of you might be asking yourselves: Is it worth the cost? 
He pauses for a moment in his speech to glance between you all.
** Galen lets the words sink in for a second. After a few seconds he nods an affirmative. **
Alicia: “I can’t answer that question. Not yet, in any case. What I do know is that I am still determined to see Palpatine’s regime toppled, and any knowledge we have of his plots and plans will ultimately be of some use to us. 
“As to those friends and allies we’ve lost, they will not be forgotten. Denia will be found, I promise, and when she is . . . when she is, you’ll be there to bring her back from the brink. Until then, we will all of us stay the course.” Looking between those gathered he gives a nod in recognition for everything you have done thus far.
Alicia: “You have come a long way in the short time that I have known of you. You have performed admirably in the services you have provided and considering the circmstances, exemplary. While a couple of you are new to this team," he says, glancing at Min and Tee'ra. "I'm sure you will hold to the precendence set by those before." 
"The end of the journey is in sight; the final steps lie ahead. I ask that you rendezvous with Lady Alya, who even now is working on leads to find Draco and put an end to the Sarlacc Project once and for all. Go, and may the Force be with you.” The white dressed aid, steps up to you a datapad held in her hand which she holds out for one of you to take.
** Galen takes the datapad and looks over the contents for a few seconds. "Yes, sir." **
** Al'verde nods "Sir might I ask something. I'm running low on a few things. Is there any place close by that I might be able to resupply?" **
Min Seras: She just nods, listening.
Alicia: Organa indicates his aid. "I'm sure something can be arranged with our quartermaster."
Al'verde: "Thank you."
Min Seras: "Can I make a copy on my datapad?"
** Galen looks at Al for a second. **
Alicia: The datapad just has the coordinates to a rendeavous
Min Seras: Ah, ok.
** Galen hands the datapad to Min. **
Alicia: THe meeting over Organa turns and heads back into the great hall, where the sound of a child laughing can be heard.
Min Seras: She looks it over, then passes it back.
** Al'verde looks to the othres to see if they need anything before walking up to the aid "So you the one I need to talk to?" **
Min Seras: She glances in the direction of the laughter. This place is just too... nice.
Alicia: "Yes, sir. I can take you to the quartermaster."
** Galen looks around at the sound of the child laughing before heading back to the landing pad to look for Anya. **
Alicia: Anya is not in sight by the ship.
** Min Seras sticks with Al'verde. Someone had to help with the supplies. **
** Galen asks someone nearby if they had seen her. **
Al'verde: "Saras is there anything you need?"
Alicia: The nearest person is one of the deck hands, refueling Al's ship. "Believe they've been taken in to the palace."
Min Seras: "Just figured you'd need an extra hand or two. More power packs for Vera, more grenades, the usual."
Alicia: The quartermaster, a grisly sort which seems to be a common quality with quartermasters with too much work and not enough help. He looks up and seems to bark. "Yes?"
Galen: "Great, just there," Galen says as he turns back, headed back into the palace.
Alicia: Galen is able to find a servant or assistant of sorts to the House of ORgana who is able to direct him to the quarters given the survivors of the Resurgence till other accomdations are established if not another assignment.
Al'verde: "Well take your pick. I just need a Sugery kit, fifteen medpacks, and ten fule cells for a jet pack."
** Galen heards through the quarters, looking for Anya as he enters the section of the building. **
Min Seras: She settles on just a little to replace what she used back on the Resurgence.
Min Seras: (AFK for just a few, BRB)
Alicia: "What do I look like? An infirmary?" he grumbles as he looks over a list of supplies.
Al'verde: "Depends on what planet you're on."
Alicia: "I have 5 medpacs I can spare, but no surgery kit. And only three canisters of fuel."
Al'verde: "Fine I'll take them all."
Alicia: The quartermaster nods and begins typing on his datapad before handing it over to AL. He presents a small form for Al to look at. A standard requisition form Al just needs to put in the appropriate information.
** Al'verde fills out all the info, something he could do blindfolded by now **
Alicia: Once it's handed back to him, the quartermaster scans it making sure everything is in order. "Where would you like the supplies delivered? It will take about an hour to assemble the items."
Al'verde: "Take them to my ship, The Shadow Spire."
Alicia: (( Tee'ra I'll be sending you a file momentarily via AIM ))
** Galen smiles at Anya as he watches her work. "I've got another mission," he begins, no really easy way to do this. "It has to do with what happened to the Resurgance" **
Alicia: (( lol suppose you want to make this public Galen? ))
Alicia: The quartermaster nods and puts down the information on the order. "Alright then."
Galen: ((Don't see why not.))
Alicia: Anya nods, not looking up as she concentrates on her work. "There's work left undone.. I suppose they're asking you to do it?"
** Al'verde would make his way back to his ship after getting supplies. As he walks in he starts cleaning out his ship and looking for an old case **
Galen: "Yes," Galen says. "They did. Even if they didn't I'd be volunteering."
Alicia: She nods and finishes her work, beckoning Galen to follow her so they could speak more privately
** Galen follows her. **
Alicia: Al sees that the landing deck crew are refueling his ship and are taking a look at some scorch marks.
Alicia: Anya: "I suppose then there's no point in asking you to stay?"
Al'verde: "I pissed off an AT-AT so id decided to take a few shots at me before I could take off."
Alicia: The crew looks rather impressed. "Took on an AT-AT? ANd still in one piece?"
** Galen pauses. "It's tempting," he says. "But a lot of people died today. You were almost one of them," he adds. "I can't let whatever the Empire's planning to come to fruition," he finishes. "For everyone. For you." **
Min Seras: "Impressive feat."
Al'verde: "Oh that's just one of many. I manged to take down a prisoner transport on foot, but you don't need to hear about my war sstories."
Alicia: "I don't need revenge... I just want you to stay. I..." and she pauses, the fear passing into her eyes again. "I have a bad feeling that you won't be coming back."
** Al'verde walks up the ramp "Seras come here. I have something that I want to see if you can handel." **
** Galen pauses. He has nothing to say for a few seconds. "I will," he finally speaks. "I promise you." **
Min Seras: She walks up behind Al'verde, arms folded across her chest. "What is it?"
Alicia: Anya nods and steps forward to embrace Galen, her body tense from holding back unshed tears. "I know you will try."
** Galen holds Anya close to him. "I will," he says. "I'll come back to you," he adds he gently kisses her. **
Galen: ((And fade to black?))
Min Seras: (You are no fun)
Alicia: if you wish
** Al'verde puls out a black case and punches a code in. As the case opens he pulls out a large rifle with a range finder attached where a scope might be. The rifle itself is in good condition. "This is my old gun. It's a heavy assauly rifle, got me throught the Clone Wars. I think you'll find that this will help with those bigger targets." **
Min Seras: (LOL)
Galen: ((I can't write love scenes to save the life of me.))
Alicia: (( lmao, not the romantic sort eh? ))
Min Seras: "Happy to use it. I don't think Vera will get jealous."
Galen: ((Just can't do it.))
Al'verde: (( "Me Galen, love Anya" ))
Galen: ((LOL))
** Tee'ra has been mostly silent as they made the trip to Alderaan, and after putting in her own requisition for a pair of heavy pistols, she returns to the rest of them, sighing peacefully. "Haven't heard many people who name their weaponry.." **
Min Seras: She lifts it, testing the weight and peering through the scope. "Sweet!" She has a wicked grin, almost crazed.
Al'verde: "I know it's a bit big but something tells me you'll put it to good use."
Alicia: (( her crying would probably ruin the moment anyways ))
Xel: ((That's what makes it hot, actually.))
Min Seras: "What, you don't name your lightsaber?"
Al'verde: "Well you don't know any mandos. I've got a name for all three of mine."
Tee'ra: "All three of your lightsabers?" she can't help but ask with a grin.
Min Seras: Min turns and poses with the rifle, taking aim at various objects (and people) in the distance. She cackles. "I wanna shoot something with it!"
Al'verde: "Well I have two so far. No names yet."
** Al'verde looks at Seras "Well I'm sure we could find an open spot to shot at a few things." **
Min Seras: "On this pretty planet? Probably fine me a fortune for shooting a tree." She sighs, and places the rifle back in the case. She closes it and picks it up, holding it almost as if she thinks someone might try to take it away.
Al'verde: "Well they can deal with me first
Tee'ra: "I'm sure there will be plenty of scum for you to dispose of, no need to go firing weapons.."
Min Seras: "I'll be patient. First chance though, I'm turning something to sludge."
Min Seras: She glances at Tee'ra. "And any weapon you count on should have a name. If it's saved your life, it's earned one."
** Al'verde shrugs "Ok up to you." Al'verd looks around at the ship as a few things spark "Ok time to bite the bullet and start fixing this beast." **
Tee'ra: "I do have a name for the weapon, we call it "The Force""
Al'verde: "I thought jedi didn't see the force as a weapon. More a tool."
Min Seras: "See? You agree with me."
Tee'ra: "Mm..sarcasm just isn't what it used to be.." she says with a shrug. "I suppose it wasn't exactly correct to call it a weapon."
Min Seras: She glances at the ship. "Let me grab my tools, I think I can help quite a bit."
** Al'verde pulls out his tool kit and starts going through all his tools before he looks around the ship again "I really wanted to blast that AT-AT" **
Al'verde: "Alright time to get to work." he says as he starts tking off his armor
Min Seras: She opens her kit, and gets to work. No need to change.
Min Seras: (my roll shall scare you all, bwahahahaha!)
Al'verde: As Al'verde set his armor down and jumpsuit he is only weraing a gray tanktop and black pants. His arms and chest have multiple scars and one scar on his face the starts besides his left eye and slightly curves out as it descends on his face, curving back in to end just blow the left side of his mouth. His green eyes are sharp and have a focused look in them, despite the fact that his left eye has lost a bit of it's color. His back has a large Mythosaur symbol tattooed and his arms are covered in different tattoos. As he gets some of his tools he opens a pannel and gets to work.
Alicia: go ahead and roll mechanics. The deck hands will move to assist providing a +2
Min Seras: She focuses on the hull damage repairs.
Al'verdeMechanics: [1d20+15++2] => [15,15,2] = (32)
Min SerasMechanics: [1d20+20+0] => [8,20,0] = (28)
Min Seras: (so 30)
Al'verde: (( hey watch the paint ))
Xel: ((*isn't scared*))
Min Seras: "Lucky the shot didn't hit anything critical."
Al'verde: (( good thing Al isn't working with her. He's not one to be out done ))
Alicia: At the rate of repair with the techs helps it will take about two hours to repair the hull and other damaged systesm. And then another hour to take care of shields and lifesuppoty.
Xel: ((What does a mythosaur look like?))
Alicia: lifesupport*
Min Seras: (consider that is the same mod for when I use explosives...)
Galen: ((Ouch...))
Min Seras: (ah, cool tattoo)
Alicia: During that time, the requested supplies are transported. A small crate for Al and an even smaller one for Tee'ra
Alicia: The assistant has you two sign off that you have recieved the items.
Min Seras: Since Al was working on the repairs, she felt no need to tell him they were nearly done. She kept working instead until the job was done.
Alicia: Also near the end of repairs, Galen returns.
** Al'verde waves at Galen as he closes a pannel "Well the Spire is bat to 100%." **
** Galen stops before exiting the door. He turns to look at Anya. "I-I haven't said this enough," he starts. "Especially for two people in our line of work. But, I love you. I really do. I will come back," he adds. "I promise." **
Min Seras: "Not too shabby, she's a good bird."
** Tee'ra scribbles 'Sala Du Vaal' on the sheet with a small smile, opening the crate and placing the blasters on her belt. **
** Al'verde opens his crate and puts on of the fule cells in his jet pack "It will feel nice to get my fett off the ground in battle again." **
Min Seras: "You use a jet pack?"
Al'verde: "Yeah it was part of my training. It come in real handy."
Alicia: ANya gives Galen a sweet smile. "I love you too.. And I'm going to hold you to that."
Min Seras: She stares at it, almost drooling.
Min Seras: Suddenly she shakes her head, as if trying to toss that thought out of her head.
Al'verde: "Something tells me you want a lot of my gear. I can look into getting one for you."
Al'verde: "You forget I was the leader of Gama Squad. We had to opprate on our own. Needless to say fe had a lot of gear."
Al'verde: we had*
** Galen returns the smile as he returns to give her one final kiss before he leaves. "Don't worry about it," he adds before turning around to leave. The door closes behind him and he finally drops the facade. It will be a difficult and horrendous mission, he thinks as he begins to head back towards the docking bay where the Spire sits. It is entirely possible, he adds, that this will be the last time he he ever sees her. **
** Tee'ra raises an eyebrow, hoping this weapon-induced flirting is over soon. **
Al'verde: (( not by a long shot. I am mando ))
** Galen gives a short wave back to Al'verde as the Mandalorian notices his return. **
Al'verde: (( I have to show off me toys ))
Alicia: The techs are starting to pack up their gear.
** Al'verde wipes his face off with a cloth "Well I need to clean up." he says picking up his tools. As soon as he was done with that he picked up his armor and put it in his room before making his way to the refresher. **
Min Seras: She stores her tools away again, and wipes the sweat from her face. "Whew... we good to go?"
** Galen heads to his small quarters aboard the ship and silently stores his few supplies away before heading back up to the front. "I am," he says, not entirely convinced. **
** Al'verde would come of the the refresher after a bit "For the most part. I'm going to check all the systems before we go." **
Min Seras: "Dibs!" She rushes into the refresher.
** Al'verde looks back not saying anything **
Tee'ra: "Spunky, she is.." she whispers to Al, smiling and raising an eyebrow.
Min Seras: She comes out after a dozen minutes or so, looking much as she did when she went in. Only not sweaty. Yes folks, this is her clean.
** Al'verde is in his room cleaning his armor **
Min Seras: She stretches a bit, looking around now that the ship isn't quite so crowded.
** Al'verde would walk out of his room wearing black pants and a white t-shirt. As he spots Seras he smiles "Fell free to look around. There's not much. My old sparing ring is in the cargo bay. You know where the food and drink is." **
Min Seras: "You said I'd get a room now, but have to bunk with someone."
Min Seras: "Who drew the short stick?"
Galen: "Not me," Galen says.
Al'verde: "Well looks from the sounds of things you wanted to pick on the sargent."
Tee'ra: "Me neither.." she says quickly.
Al'verde: "Follow me."
Min Seras: She shrugs, and follows Al. She doesn't look offended.

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