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Jaws of the Sarlaac
Sunday, 17 October 2010 15:11
Dawn of Defiance
A Reckoning of Wraiths

The cooridinats on the datapad lead you to a rendezvous point in space, outside a massive gas cloud where a small armada of ships have been amassed. Only two hours away via hyperspace it is within the Deep Core Security Zone. Upon arriving, a heavily modified Corellian Corvette sends the Shadow Spire a transmission giving you a trajectory to dock with it. In the vicinity is a ragtag fleet of tramp freighters, modified bulk haulers, a few Clone Wars era capital ships, some of the surviving ships from the Resurgence's fleet and overall a motley assortment of vessels that look vastly different from the pristine ships of the Empire.
Once docked, a small crew sets about refueling and restocking your ship and a crewman leads you to some temporary quarters which you can use to refresh yourselves with a standing invitation to join Captain Okeefe on the ship's command bridge.
Min Seras: five by five
Galen: When is ready, Galen reports to the bridge of the ship. 'I can't believe this is all we have...' Galen thinks as he sees the other ships in the small fleet.
Alicia: (( oh, before there's much confusion.. I'm not using Lady Ayla for this.. instead ignore any mention of her. your contact is Okeefe. ))
Min Seras: She already hit the refresher, and stands ready to follow when Al'verde is ready to meet the captain.
** Al'verde would head to the bridge as soon as he could **
Alicia: Reaching the command bridge, you are greeted by the sight of Captain Adrian Verana who is set in a deep conversation with a beautiful, middle-aged woman. Some other rough-looking ship captains and what most be some of their important staff are gathered around a holoprojector display that looks positively chaotic from a distance.
Min Seras: She stands at attention. She might not look the role, but she was a good soldier. She waits at attention, surveying the bridge with a sweep of her gaze.
** Al'verde removed his helmet and held it under his arm as he walked closer, trying to get a better idea of what was going on **
Galen: "Captain," Galen says as he sees Verana. He looks at the holoprojector, studying the scene.
Alicia: Verana looks up as Galen addresses him and gives him a nod in return. Spotting you, the woman speaking to Captain Verana pulls herself away from the conversation, making her way over to you. "Welcome, I'm Sirona Okeefe, captian of the Banshee," the woman says. "Senator Organa told me about Master Denia—she will be sorely missed." There's a look of genuine pity and sadness in her eyes as she says this, but it's gone quickly as she sets to the affairs at hand.
Al'verde: "So what is out next misson?"
** Europa is a rather average-looking woman, from her medium height with a lean, light figure to her plain, unassuming features. Her hair, formerly a chocolate brown was now shot through with streaks of gray, showing her age more than did her only lightly-lined face with those keen, shining eyes that were a pleasantly blue coloration. She seemed to have an inner presence that was palable despite her... 'shyness' would have been the wrong term. One got more of a sense of forebearance from her as she stood there, straight-backed and her robes (well-made if not exactly extravagant-looking) adding an aura of pedantry and intelligence to her already scholarly appearance. She could have been anyone, from thirty to seventy, and it would have been impossible to really distinguish her other than the impression that she was somewhat aloof from the problems most people faced. Were she more ostentasiously garbed, one would have immediately thought her to be a Senator of high-ranked dignitary of some fuedal society, if not for the compassion etched across her warm face. The only thing that made her seem all but utterly acadaemic was the slim and leathery utlity belt tightened around her shapely hips, pockets and pouches carrying a small variety of items that no pure bookworm would have a need for, plus the way her soft boots carried a thick layer of dirt and dust on the soles and partially up the foot marked her as a very seasoned traveler if one didn't get that impression from her far-seeing gaze and easy, feminine stance and gait. **
Alicia: She motions for you to follow her to the display, the other rough looking captians making room so you have a prime position to the terminal. Slowly Okeefe introduces you to the others assembled, stopping last at the average-looking, middle aged woman. "This is Europe, she has volunteered to go with you on this mission. I think you will find her an asset on this mission."
Alicia: Europa*
Alicia: (( damn reflexive spelling lmao ))
Europa: (( ^_^ ))
Min Seras: She looks her over, smirks, and nods to Al'verde.
** Galen nods a small greeting to the new member of the team. "Galen Wentlas," he says. **
** Al'verde nods "We'll have to see about that. No offence but the last few people who said that they would help have been a bit more trouble than they were worth." **
Min Seras: "Min Seras." She offers her hand.
Alicia: Okeefe looks slightly troubled for a moment and then says, "You will have to excuse me when I say, there aren't exactly volunteers lining up to join you on this mission."
Min Seras: She grins at Al'verde after his comment. Was she one of those pains in the ass? If not, maybe she wasn't doing her job right.
** Europa follows the others quietly, nodding as they introduce themselves and then taking Min's hand in greeting. **
Min Seras: She has a firm grip, shakes twice before letting go.
Al'verde: "I understand. I just don't want anyone who will get my team hurt. I've already had to let all be Galen here go. Luckly Saeras here just joined up."
Al'verde: all but*
Galen: "Just do a good job, that's all I ask," Galen says.
** Europa admires Min's handshake but she doesn't say anything, even to protest her ability to all of Al'verde's rude complaining. She simply clasps her hands behind herself casually and keeps listening. **
Alicia: Okeefe glances at Verana who shakes his head once, a gesture anyone not paying attention would've missed. "Regardless, I'm afraid that we have little time. Too many lives have already been sacrificed to stop now. I have sent out the call for all of my contacts to come to me, and one of them brought some very timely data. We have not only discovered the location of the Sarlacc Project above the planet Byss, but we have also obtained a full readout of the vessel's defenders, and we know that the Sarlacc Project, while not yet complete, is within weeks of being so."
Al'verde: brb
Alicia: (( brb ))
Europa: ((Jinx?))
Min Seras: "Sarlacc Project?"
Galen: "What we've been looking for for months," Galen explains. "All I know is that it has be very bad. Very bad..."
Min Seras: "I'm guessing it isn't about one of those beasts, but something worse."
** Europa smirks a bit at Min's comment. **
Tamarie (enter): 18:40
Tamarie (exit): 18:40
Alicia: (( sorry about that.. parents got back with a car full of groceries... guess who had to put them away? ))
Galen: ((I know the feeling.))
Alicia: (( lesse ))
Min Seras: (my sympathies)
Alicia: "The Sarlaac Project, as discovered by your compatriots is the codename for a new ship the Empire is building to be the new flagship for their fleet as well as a prototype for future vessels. Called a Super Star Destroyer, it's being built using some new engine design which will enable them to travel faster then was ever deemed possible.
** Al'verde nods "I'm sure you heard about the Jedi tearist attacking Coruscant. Galen, myself, and otheres that are now missing are responsable for that attack. We also got some of the data." **
Galen: "Super Star Destroyer?" Galen asks.
Al'verde: "Sounds like something else that need to be removed from this galaxy."
Alicia: The captains around the table nod, the prospect of yet another naval terror on the side of the Empire not in their liking one bit.
Min Seras: "So a very fast battlecruiser, lovely. And I thought they couldn't make a worse Star Destroyer."
Alicia: "What I have proposed to other captains is a mission to destroy the prototype. We've got enough ships to distract its defenders, but we can't hope to beat them and destroy the ship—just survive. What we need is someone to take control of their defenses and turn them against the prototype. You're our best, and probably only, hope for that."
Alicia: Okeefe: "The plan is to jump into the Beshqk system and engage the Sarlacc Project's defenses. Then, while feigning a retreat, we will draw the defenders away from the Super Star Destroyer and the Golan Defense Platform the Destroyer which is supporting it. Your strike team will need to infiltrate the platform, seize control of its weapon complement, and turn the weapons on the Sarlacc Project. Undefended, it shouldn't take long for the Super Star Destroyer to become debris drifting into the atmoshphere of Byss."
** Galen pauses for a second, thinking about something. "All right," he says. "What do we know so far?" **
** Al'verde smiles "So get is and turn their weapons against the prototype. Sounds like a good plan." **
Min Seras: "We'll need a really good plan to reach the Golan before we're vaporized. Or a miracle. Sounds like fun."
Alicia: "Indeed," Verana says, with a nod. "There's a sizable fleet amassed to defend the station. A Star Destroyer, squadrons of TIE fighters and several Skipray Blastbouats comprising the majority of the fleet. The majot factor is the defense platform."
Al'verde: "You forget, we have the Shadow Spire and I'm the pilot."
Galen: "We probably need both," Galen adds. He listens to the estimated forces of the enemy as well as Al'verde's comment. "And I'm on guns," he adds.
Alicia: Okeefe: "We have a number of slicers on our side, maybe they could provide some assistance before you leave which would enable your ship to bypassing the worst of the defenses."
Al'verde: "That works for me, but I want to watch over them as they work. I have a thing about other people working on my ship."
Alicia: Okeefe nods, "WE can only provide limited support during the battle itself, you will be on your own once it starts. I suggest you take what time you have before hell breaks loose to come up with a course of action."
Min Seras: "Once inside, I have the gear. We can use the station to destroy the Sarlacc, and I can plant explosives to cripple the station as well."
Al'verde: "Right, well do you have a map of the area?"
Galen: "I don't know much about Golens," Galen says. "I've never been on one of them," he adds.
Alicia: Okeefe adjusts the display to change to a view of a blurry set of images.
Galen: "Surely that ship can't be the right size..." Galen says as he sees the blurry image. "It has to be wrong."
Al'verde: "It is a Super SD Galen."
Min Seras: "Compared to the Victory class, it's gigantic."
Al'verde: "That's the point. It causes fear."
Alicia: (( lessee looking to verify which model Golan ))
Al'verde: "What would you do if you had to fight a ship that size?"
Galen: "It's certainly working..." Galen says.
Alicia: (( we'll call it the Mark II ))
Min Seras: "Big enough to bombard a planet by itself and leave nothing but scorched earth, if those there are turbo-laser cannons." She points at the image. "Going to have point defense guns, no doubt."
Galen: "A lot of them," Galen says, looking at the blurry holoimage.
Min Seras: "If the ship is still inactive, we've got a shot. If the Golan and this behemoth are firing, we'll need more than your Force on our side."
Galen: "Not finished doesn't mean completely defenseless," Galen states.
Al'verde: "Not really. Think about the SDs that are out there now. The Empire is too full of them selves to put a point defense on a ship that size."
Min Seras: "I may not know the Force, or ships that well, but I know weapons. I'll believe there are no defenses when I see it myself."
Galen: "I'd much rather plan on the worst case scenario, armanents-wise, than to be caught completely unawares."
Al'verde: "Well the Spire is not the most nimble ship out there. So dodging fire is out of the question
Min Seras: "I agree. Once we're on the Golan, we'll have to worry about troops, not point defense. Got a smaller ship, or something with a big 'Don't Shoot Me' field?"
Al'verde: "Any idea on how long we have till we are leaving."
Min Seras: (BRB AFK a moment)
Alicia: "We're leaving once you have finished your arrangements. As our sucess relays on your mission we will take what time is required, but we can't take too long as my contacts claimed the Super Star Destroyer could be completed within the next couple weeks."
Al'verde: "So trying to buy a fighter for escort is out of the question."
Alicia: "Unfortunately none of the ships in our fleet have any to spare, but if you felt it necessary you could though that may extend our day of attack considerably."
Europa: "I have a few thoughts," she says, in a smooth, rich tone that was soft and had a hint of Corellian drawl in a lazily cultivated manner. "On how best to proceed from an infiltration standpoint."
** Galen turns to look at Europa, listening to her plan. **
Al'verde: "Ok go for it."
Min Seras: (back)
Galen: brb
Al'verde: While he waits Al'verde sets his helmet down and starts punching in a few things on his bracer computer.
** Europa steps towards the flickering projection to gesture at the planet. "Our main objective in this scenario is the star destroyer, not the Golan, so our attention should focus there as much as possible. What I would propose is that we come in on the opposite side of this planet from the ship and the base, where the Empire won't be able to detect us." She points along the image. "With a skilled enough pilot we could travel at high speed and low altitude to avoid detection until we are under the star destroyer and then vector directly up towards it. If it is non-operational, we should be fine. If it is functioning, then no plan will get us there any safer. But it's immense bulk will also serve to mask our presence from sensors and we should be able to board without issue. Once we are upon it, however, then we shall have to merely trust the.... to our luck to guide us." The mature female had been fairly obviously on the verge of saying something else, but corrected herself as quickly as possible. To more effectively cover her verbal trip, she concludes. "This plan hinges on having an extraordinary pilot and a very fast ship, however." **
Europa: ((WB Min.))
Galen: "We can't do it all," Galen replies. "Besides, that Golen will tear us up if we don't take out its defenses."
Al'verde: "Well that could work, but I don't think the Spire has anything that punch through the armor that thing might have. Then theres the problem of getting away. I still think turning the platforms defenses on the ship is the best plan."
Europa: "Actually," she ammends her conclusion. "I thought we might turn the star destroyers defenses on the Golan."
Alicia: As you talk the other captains begin to disperse till only Verana and Okeefe remain, the two of them returning to where the were originally on the bridge resuming their discussion.
Min Seras: "I admit I'd like nothing more than to destroy both, but I realize the SSD is our primary target."
Al'verde: "Okeefe said something about slicers. If they can change our IFF we should be able to get in close. Okeefe if you would, please have your techs start on that right away."
Al'verde: "And if the SSD is not working?"
Alicia: Okeefe glances over and nods, heading over to the communications technician.
Europa: "Then it will still be our best defense from attack."
Europa: "As you correctly stated, it would take overwhelming firepower to penetrate such a monstrosity."
Al'verde: "Untill they send fighters in. Galen and I can only shoot so many down at once."
Galen: "I say we infiltrate the platform like Okeefe suggested," Galen adds. "It'll be tough, but I agree that it's probably the best option."
Al'verde: "Then what do we use to take out the SSD?"
Europa: "If it functions, we take it over. If it doesn't, we destroy it from within after gathering what intel there is to be had."
Al'verde: "On a ship that massive?"
Europa: "Size matters not."
Min Seras: "I think coming in from the opposite side is a good idea. Getting inside the Golan is the next crucial step. Once inside, we turn its weapons on the SSD. If we've survived that far, I'll dance a jig."
Galen: "Well, we use the station's guns against it," he adds.
Al'verde: "I matters to thoes of use who don't ue the force."
Al'verde: us who don't use*
** Europa shrugs and steps away from the holoprojection. **
Al'verde: "I understand where you are coming from but walking around in a ship that size for who knows how long will put us, and our escape route at risk for too long."
Al'verde: "If we knew where to attack that I would go for it, but I doubt anyone here has a map of the ship. That's saying we can even get to it."
Al'verde: "I say we need to repaint the Spire as well...or rather remove all the paint. So that way it does not look the same."
Europa: "We can surmise that if the ship is nearing completion, if not completed by the time we arrive, that it will have systems active on board which we can use to navigate by. If it doesn't, the engineers aboard will have datapads with maps on them."
Min Seras: "Those slicers should be able to provide a layout for a Golan. We'll know where to go."
Galen: "Still, a Firespray's going to be pretty damn distinctive," Galen says. "Better than anything else though."
Al'verde: "Surmise? You want to plan around 'ifs'. That kind of planing will get us killed. I've seen it first hand."
Europa: "No sir," she says calmly. "I'm merely offering you my thoughts. It's your job to make the plan."
Galen: "I don't know about you," Galen says as he looks at the image. "But I don't want to be going around blind in a ship that's--what is it?--around 15 kilometers long. Or is it eight? Hard to tell with the image we have."
Galen: ((Sorry, couldn't resist throwing that in))
Europa: ((lol))
** Al'verde sighs as he rubs his head. His job? He didn't even know what that ment anymore "If we get the IFF changed and the paint striped that should get us close enough." **
Alicia: (( sjip jumkie ))
Alicia: ship*
Alicia: bleh.. messed up on the whole insult
Min Seras: "Question... there a population on the planet?"
Galen: ((LOL))
Alicia: anyone trained in Galactic Lor?
Europa: ((Yo.))
Alicia: roll
Min Seras: (I got KN Tech)
Min Seras: (that's all)
** Europa nods in response to Min's question. "There are over ninteen billion inhabitants on the planet." **
Min Seras: (oh wait, Tactics too)
Min Seras: "Well damn, there went one idea."
Min Seras: "My advice is this, cap. Have Europa see if she can formulate a backup plan, should we need to board the SSD. Get the slicers to fix the IFF and get us a layout of what the Golan should look like inside. Have them paint the ship. Galen and I can handle making sure we have all the gear we'll need."
Al'verde: "I have a feeling most of them support the Empire if that thing is being built there. Still that means we need to blow it up to lots little bits."
Al'verde: "Something tells me we don't get a plan b this time."
Min Seras: "Doesn't hurt to have a plan B. I always carry plan C around with me."
Europa: "We could always split up after boarding the star destroyer. Leave one team able to slice and handle detpacks so they can first attempt to take control and then blow it up should it come to that while the second team keeps going to the Golan."
Al'verde: "No. We are not splitting up?"
Galen: "I don't think we should board the thing at all," Galen says. "Just the space station and then use that to blow it up."
Al'verde: "If you wan to get to the SSD you can buy a ship. The Spire is heading to the Golan."
** Europa rolls her slender shoulders in a casual shrug. "I'm not deciding anything; merely suggesting courses of action." **
Min Seras: (can I use Tactics to determine which way would have better odds, or to at least reveal any major flaws we missed?)
Al'verde: "But you are fixated on boarding the SSD. I am not boarding that thing."
Galen: "Same here," Galen says
Europa: "Not fixated. It just seems the most logical course of action. If you want to try another way, I won't nay-say. I merely understood you wished to hear opinions, dissenting or not."
Galen: "Opinions, not for-sure suicide plans."
Min Seras: "Unless this mission goes really well, it's a suicide mission, cap. Everyone best tighten up and accept that."
Al'verde: "Rule number one of engagements; never take a target that big head on. If we can use the Empires own weapons to take out that thing it does two things. One; take out the target. Two, secures the platforms defenses so we can use them to fight other targets should they pop up."
Galen: "Yeah," he says, "I know that. It doesn't mean that I'm going to do something like going into the halls of a ship that I have no idea of, especially one of that size."
** Europa shrugs non-commitally and puts her hands behind her back once more. **
Al'verde: "This is not a sucide mission. A fraking high risk mission, but not sucide."
Min Seras: "Just get me where I need to be, cap. I'll blow up everything I can with the Imperial emblem on it."
Europa: ((Should we pause a moment? I think the GM is AFK.))
Min Seras: She heads off in search of something to drink, alcohol preferred. (and ready to FF when the rest are)
Alicia: (( observing till something pulls my attention.. was I addressed? ))
** Al'verde picks up his helmet "Ok we need to get that IFF changed over and strip the paint off. and I need to go and hit something." he mutters the last part. **
Alicia: Going your seperate ways, Al'verde discovers that the techs have not yet arrived to perform the requested changes. Okeefe comms the SPire, informing him that they will be there within the hour. Min has little issue finding an alchoholic dring, though the messhand in charge looks at her as if she's drinking his prized stock. (perhaps she is!)
** Galen stands on the bridge, looking over the small fleet while the others head off. He thinks of the slight argument over tactics. "Damn, Anya was right," he whispers. "I don't think a single one of us is going to survive this mission..."**
Alicia: The modifications to the Spire will take [1d6+1] => [6,1] = (7) days, giving you all ample time to fully prepare for the mission to come. You may whisper me or describe here what you would like to do during that time.
Min Seras: She gives him a look. "Just keep it coming, pal."
** Galen spends a lot of time with the crew working on the Spire, helping them get the work done as fast as they can. **
** Al'verde nods as he gits his things together to start striping the paint. He looked at the Spire but didn't do anything. Insted he wen back in and used some of the unloading gear to pull out the hunks of starship armor that he had converted in to traning gear. He psends the next severaly hours puunching and kicking one piece that had some padding on it. **
Alicia: Roll mechanics if you are assisting
GalenMechanics: [1d20+13] => [10,13] = (23)
Al'verdeMechanics: [1d20+15+0] => [5,15,0] = (20)
Alicia: With Galen and Al doing some of the work it takes 5 days.
Min SerasKnowledge (Tactics): [1d20+15+0] => [17,15,0] = (32)
** Europa spends her week with the computers, researching every iota of information available on star destroyers and the Golan to which they seem to be heading. **
Alicia: roll Use Computer
Al'verde: Between working on the Spire and training Al'verde leaves very little ltime for anything else, sometime pushing his body too far and paying for it the next day.
Europa: ((I will just take 10 for 19; not trying to slice into the Empire or anything, just search the current files for all information we have so I can memorize it (and I assume it's not protected from us on this base and all).))
Alicia: The days pass, everyone doing their seperate tasks until the 5th comes. Prepartions have been made. The Spire, barren in its gunmetal plating has been repaired to the best of the tech's abilities and the IFF transponder and other transmitters modified to disguise the ship as an Imperial vessel. For awhile anyways
Europa: ((Are they old codes but should still work? ^_^ ))
Alicia: They wouldn't have access to such intel
Al'verde: (( as long as you father is not there we'll be fine ))
** Galen looks at the gray plating of the ship. "All right," he says. "Let's get going." **
Europa: ((Should I not have come? Am I endangering the mission?))
Alicia: (( think he was referring to Galen's father? ))
Galen: ((Damn, two Imperial-aligned father figures in the same group?))
Al'verde: (( "Yes" *spaces the jedi* ))
Europa: ((No. Return of the Jedi banter.))
Min Seras: "Let's hope to hell this works."
Al'verde: "It's out only choice at this point."
Alicia: Okeefe, no longer on the Corvette, comms the spire from her modified Baudo class yact. "We're green here. We'll be making the jump momentarily. Good luck."
Min Seras: She is decked out in weapons: charges tucked into pockets, grenades on her bandolier, pistol on her belt, rifle on her hip, and another rifle on her back.
** Europa spends the morning (or generic period of time before they leave, since this is space and all) doing her usual routine of washing, meditating, eating a nice meal and then packs a small bag in addition to her normal gear as she heads off to the hangar to meet the others. Boarding swiftly, not bothering to tell anybody goodbye for personal reasons (red shirt #3 knows what he did!), she finds a place to stow her belongings and does so before next scouting herself a seat if any are to be had. **
Alicia: So... what exactly is the plan. Was one decided on?
Europa: ((I'm glad I wasn't the only one to wonder that.))
** Al'verde checks all his weapons and get ready to head off. **
Galen: "Good luck to us all," Galen replies to the comm. He stands against the wall, wearing his customary combat jumpsuit. He's quit trying to at least moderately conceal it, at least for this mission. The only weapon he wears is an E-11 blaster rifle.
Al'verde: (( hope the IFF and change in paint prove enough of a disguse to get past them ))
Alicia: How are you approaching? dead on with the fleet?
Galen: ((Get aboard the Golen and cause major havoc was the gist of it, IIRC))
Min Seras: The plan: approach from opposite direction (planet-side), approach and board the Golan. Infiltrate and use its weapons to destroy the SSD. Get out alive.
Galen: ((I think go about a half hour early and hopefully board. We get to the weapon systems and take them over just in time for the fleet to jump in the system. Then, we surprise the hell out of the SSD by shooting it from the Golan.))
Al'verde: (( ok you guys go with that plan. My plan on the other had was to try and wiat till most of the defense fighters, and such, were gone then approch. ))
Galen: ((That sounds safer, and thus, better. Go with that one.))
Al'verde: (( seeing as I'm the pilot, good idea ))
Alicia: so how are you approaching? direct or as Min sugeest from behind the planet?
Alicia: Min and initially Europa
Galen: ((BRB))
Al'verde: (( good question. Approching head on does put us in a bit of danger, but would be more like a real imperal ship. ))
Al'verde: (( head on ))
Europa: ((With our camoflauge, we would be able to pass for a low-flying Imp shuttle if we came from the planet and probably wouldn't be questioned.))
Alicia: everyone agreed?
Al'verde: (( A firespray as a shuttle? ))
Alicia: remember sensors would be fooled but not visuals
Al'verde: (( If they queston us you would need one hell of a lie ))
Al'verde: (( so if someone has a good lie I'm willing to try it ))
Al'verde: (( other wise I'm going with head on ))
Min Seras: (sure, just tell me when I can shoot)
Galen: ((Back. Head on's fine))
Alicia: so majority for head on
Al'verde: (( head on it is then ))
Alicia: On sensors, anyone playing attention would notice the fleet departing in quick sucession as they enter lightspeed for the Beshqek system.
Alicia: The coordinates in your system it is at your discretion when you leave.
Europa: ((How long will it take us to arrive there?))
Alicia: The calculations have been made already
Galen: [1d10] => [6] = (6)
Alicia: just a couple hours, the calculations were timed so that everyone who left at the same time would be there at the same time
Galen: ((Oops))
** Galen heads to the gun station aboard the Spire when it nears time to revert back into real space. **
Alicia: They could of course be tweaked to get there sooner
Alicia: up to an hour sooner
** Europa would suggest that arriving sooner would be tactically sound. **
Al'verde: (( that a lot of people to fool ))
Alicia: They calculations also don't account for arriving on the other side of the planet.
Min Seras: (cap decided on head on approach)
Alicia: (( I know, covering bases ))
Europa: "We wouldn't need to drop out of hyperspace right atop the target. We could arrive and get more accurate ideas of the placements on everything so we can choose the best location from which to launch our attack."
Galen: "Ruins a bit of the surprise, though, and we're going to need every advantage we can get."
Al'verde: (( ok we'll arive try and arive 15 minutes before the fleat does but aim for the other side of the planet. So we can know when most the fleet is gone. Then we fly around but not low to the planet ))
Alicia: Alright, you will need to roll the UC check
Al'verde: (( try and make it look like we just dropped out a good bit away from the playtform ))
Al'verdeUse Computer: [1d20+15+4] => [18,15,4] = (37)
Min Seras: She pats Vera. "Soon, very soon."
Alicia: Secured in your respective places, the Spire enters lightspeed, the stars elongating in the tell-tale sight of moving at the speed of light. Al's calcultations being dead on, the ship drops out of lightspeed about 20 mins before the fleet is due to arrive on the otherside of Byss. Before your eyes hovers the oddly colored planet of Byss, its orange land masses and purple oceans casting the cockpit in an eerie glow.
** Al'verde watches the sensors waiting for his time to move. **
Alicia: Are you taking orbit, or what? what's your next course of action?
Al'verde: "Galen, don't target anyone till I give the order."
** Europa heads to the area of the ship where she can find the most privacy, then returns to the cockpit dressed in a loose-fitting orange jumpsuit dripping with safety harnesses and clothed around the torso in a padded life support system and digital readouts; the thick-soled boots and gloves are already secured to the flightsuit, but she doesn't yet put the helmet on. Before sitting down she attaches her utility belt around her waist and then slips on a billowy cloak of plain earthy hue, adjusting the fit over her flightsuit and then taking a seat somewhere she won't be in the way and, possibly, might be able to help. **
Al'verde: (( try and take orbit i guess ))
** Galen looks at the odd looking planet below. "Don't worry about that," he says. **
Alicia: Taking orbit, the ship begins moving with the planet as it rotates, staying in sync with the station and ship orbiting the otherside of the planet. From your vantage though, your sensors are having a hard time picking up accurate signals of the defense fleet on the otherside. You do pick up varied patrols as the sruvey the system.
** Al'verde will wait 25 minutes before he starts moving towards the platform **
Alicia: who's on sensors?
Alicia: Al, can't pilot and be on sensors
Al'verde: (( guess me ))
Galen: ((Guns...))
Europa: ((I will be if everyone else is occupado.))
Al'verde: (( you get a +4 from the ships computer ))
Alicia: Xel, roll UC
Min Seras: (can so sensors, sorry, was distracted, go ahead Xel)
Europa: [1d20+13] => [9,13] = (22)
Alicia: that with the +4 from the ship?
Europa: ((Yup.))
** Europa seems a bit lost in thought for a while there, but when the sensors go off she has the presence of mind to languidy taps a few buttons before leaning forward in her chair, arching a single slim brow... and then leaning back a moment later. "It would appear the sliced IFF codes are holding. Several Imperial ships just passed us and didn't stop." **
Alicia: As the ship moves out from the shadow of the planet, make another UC
Alicia: Xel....
Europa: [1d20+13] => [1,13] = (14)
Europa: ((Hm. Unfortunate.))
Galen: ((Oh great...))
Min Seras: (guess you don't have Knack...)
Europa: ((No, sorry.))
Alicia: Your sensors remain silent under your direction, but fortunately you remain unharrassed as Al continues his course through the high atmosphere of the orange planet. Drawing your eyes away from the planet is the largest capital ship you have ever seen. The dagger-shaped hull of the Super Star Destroyer, known to you as the Sarlacc Project, looms large against the backdrop of the planet. The Golan Defense Platform anchoring the massive ship looks tiny in comparison.
Alicia: All around, you see flashes of light as starships burst into flames and then flicker out, or watch the glowing light of turbolasers streaking between the vessels. The smuggler fleet has distracted the Sarlacc Project's defenders; now is the time to strike.
Alicia: Your suggested targetted point of entry, the docking bay lies apparently clear before you.
Min Seras: "Got another weapon you want a gunner on, or need me ready to board?"
Galen: "Kriff..." is the only thing Galen can say as he sees the Super Star Destroyer up close and with his own eyes.
** Al'verde guns the throttle as he heads for the platform "Ready to board, you too miss Europa" **
Alicia: The massive Super Star Destroyer looms in the distance, but more pressing matters occupy your attention. The sensor board lights up and a proximity alarm goes off. An Imperial defense patrol consisting of three TIE fighters and a Skipray blastboat wheels toward you, and it looks like they have every intention of stopping you. Green lasers streak out toward you, confirming their hostile intentions. The TIE fighters look like every other TIE fighter in the Imperial fleet. However, these ships move unlike any other TIE fighter you've ever seen. Whoever is piloting this ship is good—better than anyone you've come across before, for certain. The narrow ship that is the Skipray blastboat seems to be little more than an oversized starfighter. However, the weapons it carries—easily visible even from a distance—indicate that it is designed to take on space transports and even small capital ships.
Min Seras: She moves to the ramp, heavy assault rifle at the ready.
Galen: "Same here?" he asks Al through the commlink, already knowing that the answer will likely be yes.
Europa: "Yes sir," she says calmly, securing her helmet and standing up, her footwork looking non-chalant but braced against the artificial gravity all the same as she walks to the debarking area of the Firespray, timing it just right to get there when they land.
Al'verde: "Galen light em up!"
Galen: "Will do," he says, taking aim at the TIE fighter nearest the Spire.
Min Seras: She grins at Europa. "Almost at the exciting part."
Al'verde: "Seras I wan you on sensors to bring our shields back yp. Europa help her out with whatere she needs!"
GalenDouble Blaster Cannon, medium: [1d20+9+4] => [12,9,4] = (25); damage [(5d10+5)] => [8,5,1,3,4,5] = (26)
Min Seras: "Alright cap." She sets the rifle down and heads to the console.
** Al'verde brings the shileds up as he grips the controls "Do or die time." he says to himself as he preps for the fight. **

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