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Jaws of the Sarlaac
Saturday, 04 June 2011 23:02

Dawn of Defiance
A Reckoning of Wraiths

The final battle is at hand! Having arrived early to the planet Byss where the Golan Defense Platform orbits the planet with the Sarlaac Project's nearly finished product, the Super Star Destroyer. 
The dagger-shaped hull of the Super Star Destroyer, looms large against the backdrop of the planet. The Golan Defense Platform anchoring the massive ship looks tiny in comparison. 
All around, you see flashes of light as starships burst into flames and then flicker out, or watch the glowing light of turbolasers streaking between the vessels. The smuggler fleet has distracted the Sarlacc Project's defenders; now is the time to strike.
The massive Super Star Destroyer looms in the distance, but more pressing matters occupy your attention. An Imperial defense patrol consisting of three TIE fighters and a Skipray blastboat wheels toward you, and it looks like they have every intention of stopping you. Green lasers streak out toward you, confirming their hostile intentions. The TIE fighters look like every other TIE fighter in the Imperial fleet. However, these ships move unlike any other TIE fighter you've ever seen. Whoever is piloting this ship is good—better than anyone you've come across before, for certain. The narrow ship that is the Skipray blastboat seems to be little more than an oversized starfighter. However, the weapons it carries—easily visible even from a distance—indicate that it is designed to take on space transports and even small capital ships.
Alicia: (( ok.. say the damage was 50 points and the SR is 30, SR is reduced to 25, and 20 points of damage is then compared to the DR ))
Europa: ((*Nods* Okay; just making sure.))
Alicia: (( but really Jason is keeping track of it, I just want you to be aware in case you want to keep your own counts ))
Al'verde: (( ok I'm ready ))
Europa: ((Alicia, do you know where eveybody was last? In the ship, I mean.))
** Galen looks out at the TIEs and Skipray as the Spire heads towards the space station in the distance. "Okay," he says as he visually targets the blastboat, waiting for the signal from Al'Verde to fire, "let's get this done." **
Alicia: (( only Jason will roll, and he's rolling for the SPire as a whole. Everyone will act on the Spire's turn ))

Starting Round # 1 [D20]
Roll New Initiatives
Shadow spire added to list at init count 17 !
Al'verde: Shadow spire[1d20+18-8] => [7,18,-8] = (17) init
TIE Fighter added to list at init count 31 !
Alicia: TIE Fighter [1d20+14] => [17,14] = (31) init
Skipray blastboat added to list at init count 8 !
Alicia: Skipray blastboat [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8) init
(on deck: [17] Shadow spire)
Alicia: The TIE fighters will close in.
AliciaTIE Fighter laser cannon (burst fire) [1d20+12+0] => [10,12,0] = (22) damage [3,5,7,10,8,9,12] = (54)x2 (crit x3)
AliciaTIE Fighter laser cannon (burst fire) [1d20+12+0] => [2,12,0] = (14) damage [8,7,9,2,9,8,12] = (55)x2 (crit x3)
Al'verde: "Gale as soon as you have a target take the shot! If needed we'll blast the same ship with a good old one two punch."
AliciaTIE Fighter laser cannon (burst fire) [1d20+12+0] => [14,12,0] = (26) damage [2,9,6,6,2,6,12] = (43)x2 (crit x3)
Min Seras: [86-50] => 36 SR 45 remaining
Al'verdeHP 81 SR 40/50
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Shadow spire 
(on deck: [8] Skipray blastboat )
Min Seras: (oh both hit?)
Al'verde: (( all three shot at us two hit ))
Europa: ((Just the 26))
Al'verde: (( no we have a reflex of 17 ))
Min Seras: (then SR should be 45, not 40, unless I'm mistaken)
Europa: ((... wow.)
Al'verde: (( two hits, each hit that is above the SR takes it down 5 ))
Alicia: Spire is up!
** Min Seras works hard at her console, directing power to recharge the shields. (3 swift actions, Mechanics DC 20, raises by 5 up to max) [1d20+20] => [4,20] = (24) **
** Galen adjusts his aim as the impacts of the TIEs' laser cannons send him into his crash webbing. Sighting the blastboat in the distance, he fires off a single shot from the cannon. **
GalenDouble Blaster Cannon, medium: [1d20+14+6] => [9,14,6] = (29); damage [(5d10+7)] => [4,3,10,3,5,7] = (32)
Alicia: that's x2 correct?
** Al'verde holds the controls as the ship is hit hard "I'll kill you for that!!." **
Alicia: which one is your target?
Galen: ((I dunno, I think so. It doesn't say it on the node, but most ship weapons are))
Galen: ((Skipray))
Al'verde: (( no take out the ties first ))
Alicia: may I suggest a closer target
Galen: ((Okay, TIE 2))
** Europa comments, calmly, as she holds onto the hull to keep from tumbling off her feet as the ship shudders from the impacts. "Calm yourself; we're no match for these fighters. We must concentrate all our energy on getting to the station if we're to make it alive." **
Alicia: TIE explodes in a ball of fire
Alicia: Europa, actions?
** Europa is chatting and, generally, staying out of the way. **
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [8] Skipray blastboat 
(on deck: [31] TIE Fighter )
Alicia: nm (( apparently Jason didn't take his... ))
** Al'verde open fires on TIE 3 "Eat laser!" **
Al'verdeQuad Blaster Cannon, heavy: [1d20+13+6] => [7,13,6] = (26); damage [7d10+7] => [3,5,7,7,7,1,1,7] = (38) x2
Al'verdeHP 81 SR 45/50
Alicia: (( these guys hit hard but can't take much ))
Galen: ((They're TIEs, after all...))
Al'verde: (( not the TIEs I'm worried about ))
Europa: ((You can put the die roll in parentheses and place a "*2" behind it, you know?))
Alicia: I've indicated I don't want that Xel
Alicia: I want to make sure ORPG isn't frakking up the rolls
Europa: ((Fair enough.))
Al'verde: (( here come the pain ))
Alicia: The Skipray moves into PB range, It's gunners taking numerous shots
AliciaSkipray blastboat laser cannons [1d20+5+0] => [15,5,0] = (20) damage 5d10+x2
Alicia: damage 5d10+x2
Alicia: damage [5d10+] => 5d10+x2
Alicia: d'oh
Alicia: that was stupid sec
Alicia: [5d10] => [1,10,1,8,8] = (28)x2
AliciaSkipray blastboat heavy ion cannons [1d20+5+0] => [16,5,0] = (21) (-15 against targets smaller than colossal) damage [10,7,2,3] = (22)x5
Alicia: The combat thrusters probably saved ua
Al'verdeHP 81 SR 40/50

End of Round
Starting Round # 2
(on deck: [17] Shadow spire)
AliciaTIE Fighter laser cannon (burst fire) [1d20+12+0] => [11,12,0] = (23) damage [6,7,3,5,9,3,12] = (45)x2 (crit x3)
Al'verdeHP 46 SR 35/50
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Shadow spire 
(on deck: [8] Skipray blastboat )
Al'verde: "Galen hold fire!"
Min Seras: "Captain, if you need me working to repair, Europa can take over here."
Al'verde: "Cant do repairs in mid flight
** Galen curses as the ship is rocked once again by laser fire. He turns the guns towards the remaining TIE and fires a shot at him. **
GalenDouble Blaster Cannon, medium: [1d20+14+6] => [9,14,6] = (29); damage [(5d10+7)] => [4,9,9,9,9,7] = (47)
Alicia: do you want to hold your attack Galen or fire regardless?
Al'verde: "Galen I said hold fire!!!!!!"
** Min Seras directs more power to recharge the shields. (3 swift actions, Mechanics DC 20, raises by 5 up to max) [1d20+20] => [9,20] = (29) **
Galen: ((Hold fire. I typed it up and rolled before I saw Al's post))
Alicia: (( Eurpoa you can assist attacks by making a DC 10 UC check ;) one persron's attack ))
Alicia: ok, Galen's action has been nulled
** Al'verde rerouts the power from the guns "Time to leave this party" he says as the sublight engines glow brighter, giving the Spire a burst of speed. **
Alicia: take an AoO as you move away.
Al'verdeHP 46 SR 40/50
AliciaTIE Fighter laser cannon (burst fire) [1d20+12+0] => [7,12,0] = (19) damage [5,6,5,9,7,1,12] = (45)x2 (crit x3)
Min Seras: (holy hell)
Al'verdeHP 11 SR 35/50
Galen: ((Ouch...))
Al'verde: "Now way in hell one ship can take on that." he says as sparks fly, some bouncing off his helmet
Europa: "A fair assessment."
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [8] Skipray blastboat 
(on deck: [31] TIE Fighter )
Al'verde: nextinit
Alicia: Skipray follows

End of Round
Starting Round # 3
(on deck: [17] Shadow spire)
AliciaTIE Fighter Pilot: [1d20+19+0] => [2,19,0] = (21)
Europa: ((Fast bugger, innit?))
Alicia: yup
Alicia: and you can't take AoO because of the all out
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Shadow spire 
(on deck: [8] Skipray blastboat )
Galen: ((Do I shoot this guy or not?))
Al'verde: "Galen take out the fighter. Sares get to work on thoes sheilds, Europa help Galen out with targeting." Swift to increase speed
** Galen aims at the fighter, hoping to destroy it right away. **
GalenDouble Blaster Cannon, medium: [1d20+14+6] => [18,14,6] = (38); damage [(5d10+7)] => [5,6,3,6,4,7] = (31)
Min Seras: "Always wanted to go with a bang, but this is ridiculous." Recharge shields by 5, [1d20+20] => [10,20] = (30)
Al'verdePilot: [1d20+18+-8] => [8,18,-8] = (18)
Al'verde: fp [2d6] => [6,4] = (10)
Europa: ((Nice.))
Galen: ((He has a knack for those))
Alicia: btw, being level 15 you can roll 3d* for FP keeping the better
** Europa begins to turn, then lifts a single brow slightly and replies back to Al'verde. "He does not appear to require any assistance." **
TIE Fighter has been removed from the initiative list !
Alicia: All the TIEs are out
Europa: "Can you get us closer to the remaining vessel?"
Min Seras: "Keep the speed on, don't let the Skipray catch up."
Al'verde: "Well then I may need here in a bit." he says as he works more of the crotrols. "Are you kidding. My ship is about to fall apart if we get any closer we are as good as dead."
** Europa checks the apertures and seals on her suit, holding her off hand out as the helmet lifts from the floor where it had fallen and she turns to head for the nearest exit. "I have a plan." **
Min Seras: "Yep... she's crazy. They all are."
Al'verde: "No way in hell you are going outside now."
Al'verdeHP 11 SR 40/50
Alicia: (( everyone done? ))
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [8] Skipray blastboat 
(on deck: [17] Shadow spire)
Al'verde: nextinit
** Europa pauses where she is, turning to look at Al'verde... then gestures subtly. "It's a good idea to get closer to the skipray." **
Al'verde: "If you like dieing, but I have other plans for today."
Europa: ((Not quite done, Alicia.))
Alicia: This Mind Trick would fail. He believes it's entirely not in his best interest to get close to the skipray
Europa: ((That doesn't matter.))
Alicia: yes it does, read the powe
Galen: ((Please tell me you didn't try to...))
Min Seras: (11 HP? Yeah, we don't want near it... we want inside the Golan like yesterday, out here we're fucked)
Alicia: the suggestion can't threaten the target's life
Europa: ((It doesn't.))
Europa: ((Since we're being attacked at range, moving closer is no more dangerous than moving away.))
Alicia: with what he knows, it frakking does
Galen: ((He believes it does. I think that counts))
Europa: ((Fine.))
Al'verde: (( moving away is a very fgood thing, harder to hit us ))
** Europa sits down quietly. **
Alicia: you should review ranges for ship combat, anything about 1 or 2 sqs is short range
AliciaSkipray blastboat laser cannons [1d20+5+0] => [17,5,0] = (22) damage [5d10] => [5,8,4,1,1] = (19)x2
AliciaSkipray blastboat heavy ion cannons [1d20+5+0] => [8,5,0] = (13) (-15 against targets smaller than colossal) damage [7,3,9,9] = (28)x5
Alicia: doesn't even break SR

End of Round
Starting Round # 4
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Shadow spire 
(on deck: [8] Skipray blastboat )
** Min Seras directs more power to recharge the shields. (3 swift actions, Mechanics DC 20, raises by 5 up to max) [1d20+20] => [15,20] = (35) **
Al'verde: "Blasted ship needs to just die."
** Galen breathes a sigh of relief as the ship's shields completely absorb the blastboat's shot. "Al, get us out of here and to that Golan," he says. **
Alicia: (( Rachel... don't bother rolling.. you pretty much auto-suceed lmao ))
Al'verde: "That's wht I'm trying to do."
Min Seras: (LOL I figured you'd say that eventually)
Galen: ((Besides, if you do roll, you might waste your good rolls.))
Min Seras: (good point)
Min Seras: (I'll 'take 10' then)
Alicia: can't in combat unless you have Quick Skill
Al'verde: "Hold it together Spire." he says as he starts working on rerouting the power again (Swift to increase speed)
Al'verdePilot: [1d20+18+-8] => [11,18,-8] = (21)
** Europa closes her eyes where she is seated beside the loading ramp, holding her lightsaber hilt across her lap as she takes deep, even breaths and empties her mind. **
Alicia: Take AoO from Skipray
AliciaSkipray blastboat laser cannons [1d20+5+0] => [4,5,0] = (9) damage [5d10] => [3,9,6,5,6] = (29)x2
Alicia: hold...
Alicia: Al guns the thrusters for the Golan, but he finds once he makes it into range with the Skipray right behind him that the GOlan's defenses turn and open fire on the ship. Apparently, the ruse is up and by being targeted by the patrol, the platform no longer registers the Spire as being an ally. Aiming for the only hanger bay, the only viable way to enter the defense platform, AL
Alicia: bah
Alicia: Al's thrusters are soon destroyed by the platform's defenses. Able to use only his combat thrusters, the Spire heads for the hanger at full speed, barely slowing as he attempts to put on the breaks before the catastrophic collision.
Alicia: done for the moment if you'd like to react
Min Seras: (only played in Saga once before, really) Min braces for impact, making sure she (and her weapons) are secure.
** Al'verde grits his teeth "This is going to be a rough landing. Everyone brace for impact!!" **
** Galen can only stare in horror as the Golan continues to get larger in his vision. He braces for impact, hoping that he will still be alive when the Spire comes to a stop. **
** Europa seems rooted to the spot, only her hair and her dark brown cloak moving as the ship is fired upon and breaks up a little, coming to a horrendous crash-landing as she maintains her impeccable balance against all odds; her lovely, mature face not even so much as flinching as she is deep in her meditation. **
Min Seras: (it was nice knowing you folks! *sticks head between knees*)
Europa: ((*sticks her head between Min's knees too*))
Al'verdePilot: [1d20+18+-8] => [7,18,-8] = (17)
Alicia: The hanger bay continues to get larger, but Al's aim proves true. Breaking through the shielding holding in the atmosphere, the Spire skids across the deck. The sound is earsplitting as the friction causes the ship to slow enought that by the time it meets the far wall, anyone not restrained would surely have been injured.
Alicia: Fires begin to rage inside the dying ship, it's unlikely that this will be a viable escape route.
** Galen looks at the ceiling of the hangar with relief. "At least," he says as he unstraps himself from the seat of his gun turret, "I'm conscious this time..." **
** Europa waits until the ship has utterly finished moving before getting up off her knees, combing her fingers through her hair and turning to open the loading ramp with a few button presses. **
** Al'verde looks arouns the ship and takes a deep breath "Everyone abandon ship....The Shadow Spire is dieing." he says in a cold tone **
Min Seras: She unstraps the moment right after the jerking of impact, and heads to the ramp, rifle at the ready.
Min Seras: She peeks out, crouching low.
** Galen slowly gets out of the turret, checking to see if his blaster rifle is undamaged. He makes his way to the ramp a few moments later. **
Alicia: The hanger bay is filled with debris an fire from the crash of the Spire in its midst. Signs of occupancy is apparent by the corpses of storm troopers and strange looking guards who you were probably better off not facing.
** Europa strolls casually down the ramp, going slow enough the others can catch up. **
Min Seras: "Damnit..."
Min Seras: Is there any avenue that doesn't involve facing those guards?
Galen: ((We already killed them by crashing into the hangar. And I doubt we get XP for that, LOL))
Europa: ((The dead ones?))
Min Seras: (ah they are corpses too)
Europa: ((Ayup.))
** Al'verde grabs all his weapons and gear. As he gets ready to leave he walks back inside and heads towards the weapons payload "I will not let the empire get ahold you Spire. You are the last of my squad. I'll make sure you deal the Empire a damn good hit as you leave." he says as he opens up the launcher and pulls out his tool kit. **
Alicia: The fires are beginning to spread toa Republic Sienar Systems Star Courier, but then finally the fire systems kick in preventing any major damage to rest of the bay. After awhile even the fires in the SPire will be extinguished
Min Seras: She steps off the ramp, keeping alert, and looking for the nearest route deeper in. "Someone bring up the schematics."
Knight (enter): 19:36
Knight: Disconnecting from server...
Knight (exit): 19:36
Europa: ((Do you have a link to what that ship looks like?))
** Galen looks for a computer display **
Al'verde: (( what ship? ))
Europa: ((The star courier.))
Min Seras: (yes, the courier, might be our ticket off the Golan if we survive)
Alicia: There's a control room, but as the ship crashed into that wall, it's doubful it's accessible without time
Galen: ((That's Darth Maul's ship, right? If I remember correctly?))
Alicia: hmm.. wth is up with images today
Galen: "We don't have time for this," he says, looking at the bad placing of the terminal. "We can find one a little later on," he suggests.
Europa: "We all spent time memorizing Golan schematics before this mission, didn't we?" Looking at the others for their response.
Europa: ((Hm. Looks like a droid ship.))
Min Seras: She sighs, grabs her datapad and brings up the schematics to verify what she was seeing.
** Europa walks over to the nearest transit zone and presses a button on the control panel to call a lift or whatever it will be. "Where would you like to go?" **
Alicia: Leaving the hanger bay to the turbolift, you find that the lift has been locked down
Min Seras: (I said I did, but checking with the GM about it)
Min Seras: Mechanical or electronic?
Alicia: (( verifying seeing what? ))
Min Seras: (that we do indeed know where we are going)
Galen: "Wherever the main defense systems would be," Galen says. Upon seeing the locked down lift he gives a simple "Figures..." before looking for an alternate route.
Min Seras: (I don't assume, I make certain)
Alicia: you would have basic plans, you would know what level what is on, but not the specific layout. I believe this is what I told Xel last week
Europa: ((Sounds about right. I thought Europa was the only one to do it, though.))
Europa: ((Otherwise I would have explained.))
Alicia: Being on level 616, you will need to use the lifts to get where ever it is you are planning
Min Seras: (confusion cast aside... I hate not sharing info) "I may be able to get this thing moving again. Or we hoof it."
** Europa nods at Min's comment. "Let us hope, then, that you can. That would be.... an exceedingly long and troublesome journey." **
Galen: ((BRB))
Min Seras: She says quite pointedly. "Cover me." She kneels down, reaching into her tool kit and gets to work.
Alicia: roll UC
Min SerasUse Computer: [1d20+20+0] => [1,20,0] = (21)
Alicia: You manage to open the doors to the empty turbolift
Min Seras: (lowest possible result... joy)
Europa: ((... you *did* use up the good ones!))
Europa: "Can you get the lifts operational?"
Min Seras: Collecting her tools, she steps in. "This one is operational now. Be ready for a hostile reception."
Galen: ((Told you))
Min Seras: She'll then get to work on the console.
** Europa grabs Min by the arm and yanks her back. **
Europa: ((Just in case.))
** Galen checks the ammunition in his blaster. "Ready," he says. **
Europa: ((Clarification: an empty turbolift *car* and not just an empty shaft, right?))
Alicia: you step into air min.. the shaft is empty
Alicia: sorry for the confusion
** Europa grabs Min by the arm and yanks her back. **
Galen: ((Just like that one woman in LA Law!))
Min Seras: (yeah, confusion is only going to make this worse)
Europa: "I don't believe it is, dear."
Alicia: (( headache is getting the better of my concentration ))
Min Seras: She groans. Is there a way to get the life moving?
Min Seras: (I sympathize dear)
Alicia: before moving on, where is it you all are heading?
Europa: ((I know not.))
Europa: ((Galen suggested the defenses.))
Alicia: perhaps this should be decided then
Min Seras: (I'm inches from just getting on the courier and leaving... I thought we had a plan)
Galen: ((IIRC, that was the plan. Go to where we could go to the main defenses, take it over and then turn the guns on the SSD))
Alicia: but where are you planning to go to do that?
Europa: ((The Bridge.))
Galen: ((Hate to say it, but that may be the best bet. That may be where the controls are. I don't know, personally))
Europa: ((... why do you hate to say that?))
Galen: ((Because that's also where the majority of the bad guys are likely to be.))
Min Seras: (I'm not so big a Star Wars geek that I know the layout of a Golan myself. Mostly, I evaded them entirely)
Galen: ((I don't think they were ever given a detailed layout, WEG or otherwise.))
Alicia: no...
Alicia: We'll say you have to go up, that it's on the 50th level.
Min Seras: (basic schematics, I wasn't the hacker on that one)
** Europa advises. "We need to head for the fiftieth level. There we can gain control of this installation." **
Min Seras: She works on bringing the lift down to us.
Min SerasUse Computer: [1d20+20+0] => [20,20,0] = (40)
Galen: ((Nice roll.))
Europa: ((Hoo-effen'-rah.))
Alicia: There's a gratting sound from up above as slowly the lift begins to decsend.
Min Seras: She nods, rifle back in hand and ready. "Now comes the part I enjoy."
Europa: "Hm. Apparently we got the only non-turbolift."
Galen: "Good job," Galen says as he waits for the lift to come to their level.
Alicia: Finally the lift makes it to your level, and you're able to board
Min Seras: She moves in to one side of the doors, some cover is better than none.
** Galen steps aboard. **
** Europa moves onto the lift as well, standing casually in the middle of the pod with her saber still held low and turned off at her right side, wholly unconcerned. **
Europa: Once we're all on board, she reaches out and presses the appropriate button.
Alicia: sec, waiting on Jason
Alicia: he apparently had a plan I was ignoring
Europa: ((Yikes.))
Alicia: I kept telling him to wait as I was concentrating on other things
Booting '(530) Nightshade Zero' from room...
Nightshade Zero (exit): 20:06
Min Seras: (sorry if we're moving too quick)
Alicia: he's having ORPG issues
Europa: ((No rush.))
Nightshade Zero (enter): 20:06
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (586) Nightshade Zero...
Europa: ((WB))
Al'verde: Mechanics [1d20+15] => [10,15] = (25)
Nightshade Zero (enter): 20:09
Alicia: alrighty then
Nightshade Zero (exit): 20:09
Nightshade Zero (enter): 20:09
Nightshade Zero (exit): 20:09
Nightshade Zero (enter): 20:09
Alicia: are you ok Jason?
Booting '(586) Nightshade Zero' from room...
Nightshade Zero (exit): 20:10
Europa: ((WB?))
Min Seras: (I second that)
Alicia: so let seesse
** Al'verde walks out of the ship holding all his gear. As he sees the others he walks into the turbo lift and stands in the middle not saying a word. **
Galen: ((Same here))
Alicia: The doors to the commedeered lift close and at Min's direction begins to rise to the 50th level, where the main bridge is located and with all hope the cotnrols for the weapons. The ride takes a few minutes, but finally the doors open only to reveal the darkened hallways of an unused section of the station.
Min Seras: She peers out, back and forth.
** Galen slowly and quietly tries to take a few steps out of the lift, blaster rifle raised and ready to fire if anyone hostile appears. **
Alicia: Jason's open crashed again
GalenStealth: [1d20+10] => [13,10] = (23)
Alicia: The hallways have no sign of life.
Europa: ((Tonight seems like it might be a bad night for this. Jason's Open malfunctioning and you having a headache. Would you like to postpone?))
Alicia: Al follows along, not bothering to walk stealthily as he keeps guard.

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