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Jaws of the Sarlaac
Saturday, 04 June 2011 23:12
Dawn of Defiance
Jaws of the Sarlaac

The journey to the command bridge is uneventful. The dark corridors show no signs of use, as if this area of the station had been finished during construction and then just abandoned. The dim consoles, on closer inspection, are unpowered. Passing several doors, all closed, you finally reach the marked door marking it as the bridge. The doors to the command bridge, you find, are locked.
Europa: Tsk! Soooo unprofessional.
Europa: ((Whoa, tiny intro today.))
Galen: ((I take it the consoles next to the door are unpowered as well?))
Alicia: yup
Al'verde: "Alright lets get the door open." he says getting his tool kit out ((mechanical or computer?))
Alicia: (( I had something longer written out with this. but I think you all know where you were and preceeding events ;) ))
Alicia: mechanical to power it up
Alicia: you're also going to need a power source
** Europa draws to a stop after her jog to reach the area, finding that A) she isn't surprised to find the doorway to the command center for the entire station is locked but also B) that she *is* surprised the whole area is unused and powered down. "Curious... and disturbing," the mature woman comments to nobody in particular as she casts her gaze casually about. **
Galen: "I agree," Galen says, looking around for anything obvious to use as a power source. "This whole thing screams trap."
Alicia: (( Jason is having technical issues with the internet today ))
Big Daddy (enter): 18:18
Galen: ((WB))
Al'verde: (( ....i really don't like my computer ))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (48154) Big Daddy...
Booting '(48151) Big Daddy' from room...
Big Daddy (exit): 18:19
Europa: ((It seems to be mutual.))
Al'verde: "Well if thigs go to far south I have my own little trap. Galen we need to find something to power up this door so I can get it open"
** Galen heads down the wallway, looking for some sort of power source. ((Do I remember seeing something like we need on the way up here?)) **
Galen: *Hallway...
Alicia: roll Know Tech
Europa: "Do we need to keep the doors intact? If not, I could get us through them."
Galen: [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16)
Al'verde: "Yeah I could get it open too, but if we should need to lock them behind us I want the option open to us."
Galen: ((Actually, I think that should be +9. I have +2 int modifier and 7 for half my level))
Europa: "Then would an energy cell be enough?" Slips her forefinger and thumb into a pocket on er utility belt, producing the battery.
Alicia: Galen woul dhave actually thought about using a energy cell ;)
Europa: ((Well she *is* a Jedi. ^_^ ))
Al'verde: "Not sure..." he pauses and looks down the hallway "Well Galen any ideas?"
Galen: "Her energy cell plan will likely work," he states as he returns to the area around the door.
Al'verde: "Ok give it here, Galen I could use a hand to make sure this works."
GalenMechanics: [1d20+13] => [16,13] = (29)
Galen: "Sure," he says, heading over to help Al'Verde with opening the door.
** Europa nods and flips the small power source towards Al'verde, though it seems magnetically drawn to his hand rather than simply thrown at him. **
** Al'verde says nothing as he grabs the power cell and gets to work **
Al'verdeMechanics: [1d20+15+2] => [12,15,2] = (29)
Alicia: With the energy cell hotwired to the console, the display lights on, but is dim and is soon flickering. The door is still locked, requiring a code to enter.
Galen: ((I've got a 13 for Use Computer, how about the rest of you?))
** Al'verde pulls a small wire out of his bracer computer "Ok now to hack this thing." ((+15 and I have a +2 when I use my bracer computer)) **
** Galen takes a step back as the Mandalorian begins to slice their way into the command center, rifle raised in case there are any hostiles on the other side waiting for their arrival. **
Europa: If there's no power here, even if we get through the doors what can we accomplish?"
Alicia: hotwiring the bracer computer takes too much time and the energy cell dies
** Europa stands casually in front of the doors where she had been since first arriving. **
Alicia: you may forgo the bracer computer since you would have to hotwire it
Galen: "Damn," Galen curses as he heads back, trying to find a more permanent source of power.
Al'verde: "Well doesn't matter." he says as the power cell dies "Frak this!" he says as a red blade ignites in front of him before disappearing into the door.
Europa: "Why didn't you just... not use your arm bracer?"
** Galen pauses as he hears a lightsaber ignite. "Well, that is the simple way." **
Alicia: Using the lightsaber the reinforced blast door takes several minutes to cut through
Al'verde: "Seeing as how things just keep going wrong I'm going to do things the simple way." As soon as a hole big enough for him to get through has been cut he kicks at the door and looks around, seeing if there is any power.
Alicia: Like the hallways behind you, the bridge is just as dark and the air is thin to those outside the protection of the suit.
** Al'verde sighs "Well this was a bust, now we need to figure out how to use the weapons without the bridge." **
** Galen breathes heavily he enters the bridge, trying to bring as much oxygen to his lungs that he can. "Yeah," he states as he looks around the desolate area. **
Europa: "Perhaps, instead, we just need to locate the energy distribution room and send some power up to this level?"
Alicia: Seems this room was finished when the station was constructed, but was abandoned.
Al'verde: "Or just find a way to over load the whole thing. Anyways it's a good place to start."
Galen: "I don't like this one bit," Galen says. "As for your plan," he says to Europa. "I have no idea where that is."
Europa: "I spent five days learning the layout to both this station and the Empire's designs for space ships in case we ended up on the Ess Ess Dee. I can lead us there."
Al'verde: "Ok then lets move."
Galen: "Lead the way," Galen says.
Alicia: where did you want to lead them?
** Europa pauses and looks at her companions. "Should one of us stay here to hold this room now that the doors are open? Just in case?" **
Europa: ((Wherever the power for the station is routed.))
Galen: ((Perfect place for our missing player's character?))
Alicia: Reactor Core would be your best bet
Alicia: Min volunteers to remain behind
Europa: ((Then that... though it sounds very ominous.... >_> ))
Al'verde: (( oh it will be fine ))
Galen: ((What's the worst that can happen?))
Al'verde: (( lead the way ))
Alicia: Eurpoa leads the others back to the turboloft, the reactor located some levels below. You're stopped, however, by the fact that the lift no longer seems to be at this level and the doors are closed.
Galen: "Now, I really don't like this place," Galen says.
Galen: ((Is the power to the lift still on? Or has it been shut off as well?))
Al'verde: "Well guess we make our own way."
Europa: "It's a public lift; it's bound to be in use at some point."
Alicia: The console seemst o have been shut down
Europa: "... or they planned to trap us up here."
Alicia: though whether it was on to begin with,,,
Galen: "Yeah, but they usually don't trap people up here," he adds, pointing to the console.
Europa: "Actually it's the Empire; I imagine they do so frequently."
Galen: "Thin air on the bridge, shut down console up here..."
Al'verde: "Do we need to go up or down?
Europa: "Down."
Alicia: map change
Europa: (("What's the worst that could happen?" *slaps Haya upside the head*))
Alicia: (( I know the map only shows 1 lagger, but we'll pretend that there are four... ))
Al'verde: "Right well you two can look for your own way down." he says as looks at the door "You want to cut this one open or shall I?" he asks Europa
Alicia: ladder*
Alicia: the ladders will actually make it possible to go from landing to landing
Galen: ((That was meant to be sarcastic, I know exactly what the worst is that can happen when it comes to RPGs. I own the Tomb of Horrors!))
Europa: ((How far down (roughly) is the reactor level?))
Europa: ((... also, lol))
Alicia: [20*1.5] => 30.0m
Galen: ((So that's what the numbers mean? The amount of squares from the bottom?))
Alicia: ya, it's in my notes for the area once you folks get inside
** Europa nods at Al'verde and switches on her sky-colored blade with an electric hum before stabbing the lift doors and beginning to cut them off utterly on either side. **
Alicia: (( Jason is getting out my laptop. ))
** Europa speaks over the sound of her saber melting durasteel. "We had better hope they don't reactivate it while we're in the shaft.." **
** Galen looks around the area as Europa cuts. **
Galen: "Be careful, they might have surveilance and you're giving them ideas..."
Europa: ((I'll repost when he gets back.))
Europa: ((... your laptop takes forever to start up.))
Galen: ((Did we lose both of them?))
Alicia: nope
Galen: ((All right))
Alicia: and it's taking forever because Jason doesn't have patience and crashed it by trying to load everything as soon as the desktop came up
Alicia: laptop is 5 years old
Europa: ((... wow.))
Alicia: he's almost here
Europa: ((I imagine he's not in a good mood to be teased.))
Alicia: nope
Europa: (I will refrain, then.)
Alicia: wise
Alicia (enter): 19:08
Europa: ((Welcome back.))
Alicia: I have a clone! hehe
Galen: ((Yep. Welcome back))
Europa: ((You two should make out now. That'd be hot.))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (48171) Alicia...
Booting '(48154) Big Daddy' from room...
Big Daddy (exit): 19:10
Alicia: ok.. Europa is cutting through the lift doors, the process not taking as long as it did on the bridge doors and within moments there's a hole on the landing allowing you access to the shaft's ladder. Perhaps surprisingly the lights within are still on casting a significant glow by which to see by
AliciaFeatures of the Area:This particularly dangerous area consists of the turbolift shaft and two large landings. Four smaller outcroppings are spaced out every 4 squares; these small outcroppings are intended for service technicians and can be used by heroes descending down the shaft. A ladder leads down the shaft, passing between these platforms, allowing access to each landing. The +* indicators indicate the height of the various platforms in squares
Al'verde: "Ok how far down do we need to go."
Europa: "Six levels." She responds, trying to help out the GM with the estimate that each level is maybe five meters and there's thirty to travel. But will say whatever Alicia decides is appropriate if that is incorrect.
Alicia: sounds alright ;)
Europa: "... needless to say, of course, but I have a bad feeling about this."
Galen: "Lets get going then," Galen says, volunteering to be the first one headed down.
Al'verde: "Right I'll see you down there." he says taking a step back "Well then we're doing something right."
Alicia: for purposes of moment. moving one square down the ladder safely counts as a double movement
Europa: ((The clone has some silly status adjectives. ^_^ ))
Alicia: meaning 1 sq down = 2 sq speed
** Al'verde takes a few steps before jumping off the landing the other two are standing on. As he starts to fall he fires his jetpack once he is about is half way down. **
Europa: ((And we're saying you need to move how far to reach the other side of the shaft?))
Galen: ((I'll just double move to be able to get all the way down there.))
Alicia: it's 20 sqs, moving 3sqs down per move action, unless you want to risk going faster...
Alicia: but regardless...
Alicia: As you descend through the turbolift shaft, you hear the soft hum of repulsors coming from above. Looking up, you see four droids that look to be black spheres bisected by a narrow disc. A heavy repeating blaster hangs below each central orb, and red diodes sweep the area as though searching for targets.

Starting Round # 1 [D20]
Roll New Initiatives
Galen: ((I mean to the first platform))
Galen added to list at init count 18 !
Galen: Galen [1d20+15] => [3,15] = (18) init
Alicia: I placed your minis at about the level your characters would reach
Al'verde added to list at init count 17 !
Al'verde: Al'verde [1d20+13] => [4,13] = (17) init
Europa: ((Aw man, and here I thought I was so smart for not having left the hallway. =P ))
Europa added to list at init count 32 !
Europa: Europa [1d20+21] => [11,21] = (32) init
Shadow Security Droid: added to list at init count 31 !
AliciaShadow Security Droid: [1d20+18] => [13,18] = (31) init

Initiatives (Current Count: 0; Sandglass: off):
1) : [32] Europa 
2) : [31] Shadow Security Droid
3) : [18] Galen 
4) : [17] Al'verde 
Alicia: showinits
Europa: ((Nice.))
Europa: ((Weren't there four droids? I only see two.))
Alicia: do you want 4 droids?
Al'verde: (( she does, not I ))
Europa: ((Pfft! They don't even know I'm here. You can have ten if you want.))
Al'verde: (( spawn them in the hallway ))
Europa: ((Lame.))
Alicia: the number in ( ) is how high up they are
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [32] Europa 
(on deck: [31] Shadow Security Droid: )
Europa: ((Could you put that next to us, too? Just to KISS?))
Alicia: you guys can do that to keep track
Al'verde: (( you are at 20 ))
Alicia: right click and edit properties.. if you do just use the first letter of your name to save space
Galen: ((There's the numbers on the side of the platforms we're standing on.))
Al'verde: (( galen is 16 and I'm 8 ))
Europa: ((Aren't I at 30?))
Alicia: 20
Europa: ((Oh I see.))
Alicia: you're up Xel
** Europa waits a moment while Galen starts scurrying down the ladder and Al'verde leaps out only to fire his jetpack to keep from getting squished on impact. Deciding that her sense of impending doom was trying to tell her something, she hangs back a bit to see what was about to happen... and, when it does, she's glad she did. Deciding that, right now, discretion was the better part of valor, she puts her back to the wall of the hallway and stays out of sight, not even bothering to look around the corner as she grabs as much cover as possible from these flying deathbots. **
Galen: ((Thanks a lot...))
Galen: ((LOL))
Europa: ((I have a sword and they're 30 feet away. =P ))
Al'verde: (( she's just scared of them ))
Alicia: done hit next
Europa: next
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [31] Shadow Security Droid
(on deck: [18] Galen )
Alicia: nextinit
Europa: ((Gotcha.))
Alicia: roll stealth btw Xel
AliciaPerception: [1d20+18] => [3,18] = (21) !-- Darkvision -->
AliciaPerception: [1d20+18] => [20,18] = (38) !-- Darkvision -->
Alicia: hmm
Alicia: One stops as it spots Europa, the other continuing down to be on level with Galen
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
Europa: ((Wait.))
Alicia: (( one had a 38 perception ))
Alicia: ah that's right, the held action
** Europa steps out from her little hiding spot, her saber held down at her side in her right hand as she throws out her empty left one, fingers splayed and a look of concentration on her serious face. As the two droids zip around, reality seems to ripple out from her open hand as the universe itself batters the two machines with incredible force. **
Alicia: roll damage
Alicia: Xel, high or low
Europa: ((High))
Alicia: [1d100] => [71] = (71)
Alicia: high it was, [1d20] => [5] = (5)
Alicia: they fall 16m before their repolsures kick back online
Alicia: oops sqs
Europa: ((Does that mean the one at 16 hits the ground?))
Alicia: ground is over 1000m below
Europa: ((.......))
Alicia: there's over 600 floors, you being near the top
Galen: ((No, they both were at 20 when you hit.))
Europa: ((Okay.))
Alicia: the numbers indicate how sqs till you reach the reactor core level
Europa: ((Gotcha.))
Europa 's init count has changed to 18.
Alicia: Galen
Europa moved !
3) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [18] Europa 
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
** Galen watches as the droids tumble through the air and down the shaft. Seeing his chance to make a break for it, Galen hurries down to the next platform. **
Alicia: gr
Galen: ((Double move...))
Alicia: (( i did this wrong ))

Initiatives (Current Count: 18; Sandglass: off):
1) : [31] Shadow Security Droid
2) : [18] Europa 
3) : [18] Galen 
4) : [17] Al'verde 
Europa 's init count has changed to 32.
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
Invalid input [D20]. Already at init count 31. Try /rankup or /rankdown instead.
Europa 's init count has changed to 31.

Initiatives (Current Count: 18; Sandglass: off):
1) : [31] Shadow Security Droid
2) : [31] Europa 
3) : [18] Galen 
4) : [17] Al'verde 
Alicia: ok, there we go

Initiatives (Current Count: 18; Sandglass: off):
1) : [31] Shadow Security Droid
2) : [31] Europa 
3) : [18] Galen 
4) : [17] Al'verde 
Alicia: showinits
Galen: ((Hit next?))
Alicia: did you want to move from platfrom from platform? or did you want to stay on the ladder?
4) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Al'verde 
(on deck: [31] Shadow Security Droid: )
Europa: ((nextinit))
Galen: ((I thought we pretty much had to make it to the floor we wanted. Either way, it's safer.))
Europa: ((I think she's asking if you're climbing or jumping.))
Galen: ((Climbing down))
Alicia: no, the platforms I'm surmissing from the feature of the area description are essentially stacked, you can stay on the ladder or step off during your movement to a platform
Alicia: so you can be 10 or 12, latter being if you wanted to end up on a platform
Europa: ((... by the way, this shaft is ridiculously huge. I don't think turbolifts are thirtyfive feet across.))
Galen: ((Let's just keep it this way for this round. I'll act differently on the next one.))
Alicia: kk, Jason
** Al'verde looks up and smiles as he looks up "Well well well, this shhould be fun. Always wanted to see how well I would do in jetpack combat." As he says that he notices the droids fall and shrugs as he levels his heavy repeater at droid 1 and opens fire. **
Al'verde: Heavy Reppeater [1d20+14+-1] => [14,14,-1] = (27); damage [3d10+7+2d10+1] => [1,3,5,7,4,3,1] = (24)
Alicia: roll pilot as well
Al'verdePilot: [1d20+18+0] => [3,18,0] = (21)
Europa: ((I think you get +1 for being higher than they are; I'm not sure.))
Europa: ((That may just be melee.))
Alicia: Al manages to fire and not lose control as he fires and hits the droid
Al'verde: After blasting the droid Al'verde pilots back onto the platfore before shutting his jetpack off

End of Round
Starting Round # 2
Al'verde: nextinit
Sorry I don't know what /g is!
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [31] Shadow Security Droid
(on deck: [31] Europa )
Alicia: The droids' flying locomotions reengage
Alicia: and the fly up one making it to Al's level, the other's Galen's
Alicia: 1 fires at Galen, 2 at Al
Europa: ((Woof. Faster than I expected.))
AliciaShadow Security Droid: (burst fire) Heavy Repeater [1d20+21+0] => [13,21,0] = (34) damage [7,5,3,12,0] = (27) {19-20/crit x3}
AliciaShadow Security Droid: (burst fire) Heavy Repeater [1d20+21+0] => [6,21,0] = (27) damage [10,10,2,12,0] = (34) {19-20/crit x3}
Alicia: er either of those hit? need to add 2d10
Alicia: the node didn't save so I lost all the attacks I had made
Galen: ((Yeah, hit me))
Alicia: [2d10] => [1,3] = (4)

Initiatives (Current Count: 31; Sandglass: off):
1) : [31] Shadow Security Droid
2) : [31] Europa 
3) : [18] Galen 
4) : [17] Al'verde 
Alicia: showinits
Alicia: oops
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [31] Europa 
(on deck: [18] Galen )
** Galen flinches in pain as the shots graze him. (-1 on CT)) **
** Al'verde shields his face with his arm but is suprised at the fact that he came out of the hell fire from the droid unharmed **
** Europa arches a single brow at the droids as they fall a fair distance but manage to right themselves much sooner than she would have hoped. Grimacing a bit, she can only hope the others continue to the doorway as fast as possible, and then narrows her keen blue eyes as the secruity drones zip back up to intercept them like not-so-miniature rockets. "Well..." is all she says to herself at this turn of events, and then crouches and leaps gracefully to land cat-footed on the nearest platform, starting to make her way down to help the others. **
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
Europa: nextinit
** Galen grimacing from the blaster wound, Galen takes a quick shot at the droid that assaulted him. **
Alicia: jumping?
Alicia: Xel, Jumping?
Europa: ((Yes.))
Alicia: make a jump check please
Alicia: you need to make a DC 25 to not take falling damage
Alicia: which she makes.. ok Galen go ahead
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19-1] => [20,19,-1] = (38) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [5,5,4,6] = (20)
Alicia: nice one
Galen: ((Nice...))
** Galen shot made, the rebel begins to head down the ladder, trying to get down to another level while trying to catch his breath. (Move down ladder, spend 1 swift action towards getting rid of CT damage. Should be at 9,)) **
4) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Al'verde 
(on deck: [31] Shadow Security Droid: )
Galen: nextinit
Europa: ((I'm sorry but, just so I understand, we're not on staggered platforms? There are just ladders and a platform at every level, correct?))
Alicia: (( correct, and Galen, how many Swifts have you spent thus dar? ))
Alicia: far*
Galen: ((Just the one. Two more to go))
Alicia: ok, misunderstood so thought I'd clarify
Europa: ((So is it even possible for me to jump down or am I forced to climb on the ladder?))
Galen: ((I mean 9 squares from the level we want to be on, one from where Al'verde is.))
Alicia: btw.. these guys are protypes to the image i just put up ;)
Galen: ((Oh, that looks positively Dark Empire... Appropriate for what planet we're orbiting.))
** Al'verde smiles as the other droid come up to his level "Hello there my metalic friend. Have I introduced you to my friend here?" (( swift to use assault tactics on droid 2 and using flash and clear on droid 2 as well))**
Alicia: You were able to jump onto that first platform. if you wanted to try it you could jump and do a climb check to grab the ledge
Europa: ((Gotcha.))
Al'verde: Heavy Reppeater [1d20+14+-1] => [11,14,-1] = (24); damage [3d10+7+2d10+1+1d6] => [10,6,10,7,9,9,1,1] = (53)
Europa: ((Would it be possible to HOLY CRAP!!!))
Alicia: it hit btw

End of Round
Starting Round # 3
** Al'verde rips into the droid using the flash of his repeater to help hide himself. nextinit **
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [31] Shadow Security Droid
(on deck: [31] Europa )
Alicia: unable to see Al, both droids attack Galen.
AliciaShadow Security Droid: Triple Attack (burstfire) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+-2] => [9,13,-2] = (20) damage Official Roll Official Roll [5,8,6,2,8,12] = (41) => [1,3,3,6,1,12] = (26)-->[1,3,3,6,1,12] = (26) => [2,4,4,2,8,12] = (32)-->[2,4,4,2,8,12] = (32) {19-20/crit x3} 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+-2] => [15,13,-2] = (26) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [q5d10+12] {19-20/crit x3} 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+-2] => [2,13,-2] = (13) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [q5d10+12] {19-20/crit x3}
Europa: ((I use Taunt to draw thier aggro.))
Europa: ((*has no idea what that says*))
Galen: ((Both miss. Is that half damage, though?))
Alicia: nope burst fire. and it was three attacks
Al'verde: (( 3 attacks ))
Europa: ((I don't *think* burst fire counts as an area like autofire...))
Galen: ((Well, all three do.))
Alicia: sec, ignore this role
Alicia: roll*
AliciaShadow Security Droid: Triple Attack (burstfire) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+0] => [10,13,0] = (23) damage [5d10+12] => [8,2,9,8,7,12] = (46) (19-20/crit x3) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+0] => [5,13,0] = (18) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [5d10+12] => [1,8,2,2,3,12] = (28) (19-20/crit x3) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+0] => [16,13,0] = (29) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [5d10+12] => [5,6,2,8,4,12] = (37) (19-20/crit x3)
Al'verde: (( one down ))
AliciaShadow Security Droid: Double Attack (burstfire) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+18+0] => [1,18,0] = (19) damage [5d10+12] => [8,7,9,5,8,12] = (49) (19-20/crit x3) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+18+0] => [2,18,0] = (20) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [5d10+12] => [5,1,6,5,1,12] = (30) (19-20/crit x3)
Alicia: ok...!
Alicia: the next one attacks Galen!
AliciaShadow Security Droid: Triple Attack (burstfire) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+0] => [9,13,0] = (22) damage [5d10+12] => [9,10,4,10,4,12] = (49) (19-20/crit x3) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+0] => [6,13,0] = (19) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [5d10+12] => [3,3,2,7,4,12] = (31) (19-20/crit x3) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+-2] => [5,13,-2] = (16) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [5d10+12] => [6,1,3,10,10,12] = (42) (19-20/crit x3)
Alicia: those all miss too
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [31] Europa 
(on deck: [18] Galen )
Al'verde: "Galen keep moving I'll piss them offso the try and shoot me."
Alicia: Xel?
Europa: ((If I climb down, where will I be on the map? Can you move me please?))
Alicia: single or double?
Alicia: and on the ladder right?
Europa: ((Also, if I'm within range to do so, could I jump down and get an attack against the droid?))
Europa: ((Like jump through the hole the ladder uses rather than on the lip of the platform.))
Alicia: without doing a climb check to speed climb down to the next platform you wouldnt be able to attack
Europa: ((Could I do a Jump or acrobatics check to land if I don't Climb?))
Europa: ((It's not *that* far.))
Alicia: can you jump down 12m and not hurt yourself?
Alicia: er, sec
Alicia: 6m
Europa: ((Me or Europa?))
Europa: ((... I'll just climb. =P ))
Alicia: Eurpoa has the benefit of the Force, but there's still the possibility of failure
Alicia: you can climb doen sqs at a time with DC 20 Climb check
Alicia: down 6 sqs.. blast
Alicia: can't type
** Europa steps to the ladder and puts her booted feet on either side as well as hanging onto the rails rather than the rungs so she slides down as fast as possible, jumping off a foot or two above the platform and turning to see if she can lash out at one of the droids attacking poor Galen. If so, she absolutely does. **
Europa: ((What's the DC since the droid is only 4 squares below me and not 6?))
Alicia: with the DC 20 you can make up to 6 sqs, since the platform is 4 sqs below you and you can only move 3 without the roll...
Europa: ((Gotcha.))
Alicia: She makes it down, powersliding to the next level
Europa: ((The most potent weapon in any Jedi's arsenal.))
Europa: ((May I attack the droid or is it still too far?))
Alicia: it's hovering out in the middle, so you can;t reach it with a melee weapon
Alicia: but yes, you can attack it
Europa: ((Okay. I will move down another two squares to be adjacent to Galen instead.))
Alicia: you'll be just above him
Europa: ((And that'll be my turn.))
Alicia: Done? Hit next
Europa: next init
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
Europa: nextinit
** Galen continues to climb down the ladder as he here's Al's suggestion. The barrage of fire completely missing him urging his quicker actions. ((Double move to 3 squares above Reactor level and take my second swift action to move up the CT. And yay for someone being adjacent to me. I get extra Def for that!)) **
Europa: ((Darn my proper syntax!))
Alicia: heh she's not anymore
Europa: ((Well I'm not anymore...))
Galen: ((Crap... Oh well, BRB))
4) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Al'verde 
(on deck: [31] Shadow Security Droid: )
Galen: nextinit
** Al'verde levels his blaster at droid 2 again "Hey bolts for brains, yeah you....HEY I'M TALKING TO YOU!!" he yells as his blaster opens fire (( swift to use assault tactics on droid 2 and unsing flash and clear)) **
Al'verde: Heavy Reppeater [1d20+14+-1] => [3,14,-1] = (16); damage [3d10+7+2d10+1+1d6] => [2,4,1,7,5,10,1,3] = (33)
Alicia: doesn't hit

End of Round
Starting Round # 4
Al'verde: nextinit
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [31] Shadow Security Droid
(on deck: [31] Europa )
Alicia: 2 able to see Al again resumes firing on him while 1 aims at Europa
Alicia: will roll 2 first then 1
AliciaShadow Security Droid: Double Attack (burstfire) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+18+-2] => [7,18,-2] = (23) damage [5d10+12] => [9,6,6,1,4,12] = (38) (19-20/crit x3) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+18+-2] => [16,18,-2] = (32) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [5d10+12] => [6,6,1,5,6,12] = (36) (19-20/crit x3)
AliciaShadow Security Droid: Triple Attack (burstfire) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+-2] => [3,13,-2] = (14) damage [5d10+12] => [3,9,9,9,1,12] = (43) (19-20/crit x3) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+-2] => [17,13,-2] = (28) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [5d10+12] => [5,2,6,6,5,12] = (36) (19-20/crit x3) 
Heavy Repeater [1d20+13+-2] => [8,13,-2] = (19) (+2 to attack if previous missed); damage [5d10+12] => [9,6,3,5,8,12] = (43) (19-20/crit x3)
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [31] Europa 
(on deck: [18] Galen )
Alicia: nextinit
** Al'verde thanks whatever is watching over him as he somehow still comes out unharmed **
Alicia: one moment please
** Europa slides on down the ladder to try and offer Galen some cover, when he scurries on down as well, leaving her all by her lonesome. Ah well, at least the droids were to stupid to stick to one target, and she can sense her impending death looming behind her in the form of three highly accurate blast bursts... but the tickle from the Force alerting her to this fate comes just quickly enough for her to turn, left arm looped around a rung, and swing her blue-bladed lightsaber in a complex series of swirls that seem erratic to the others, but are perfectly timed and positioned thanks to her years of experience and the guiding hand of the Force. The droids blazing energy beams fire out in rapid succession, a great many of them missing her completely of course, but a number of them sprayed off to the side as she blocks. and then, improbably, she manuvers the sword to catch a few of the bolts just right and they smash back into the droid's armored carapace with great effect, leaving smoldering holes in its hull as its readouts and lights flicker feebly, the ion drives keeping it aloft nearly failing. With a soft grunt of effort the lithe woman pulls her arm free to grab the outside of the ladder once again, sliding down ever further with one hand while her right continues to guard against the blaster fire. **
(on deck: [17] Al'verde )
Europa: nextinit
** Galen finishes climbing down the ladder and steps onto the platform leading to the reactor level. The pain from his wound subsiding due to adrenaline, he fires a shot at the closest droid. (Move to get down, third swift to heal my CT damage, and standard to shoot at #2) **
Galen: Blaster Rifle [1d20+19] => [13,19] = (32) (PBS); damage [3d8+6] => [4,2,7,6] = (19)
Alicia: you get an extra d6 dmg
Galen: [1d6] => [6] = (6)
Alicia: it hit, these droids are taking some beating and are still hovering if barely
Galen: "What's it going to take to destroy these things?" Galen wonders.
4) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [17] Al'verde 
(on deck: [31] Shadow Security Droid: )
Galen: nextinit
** Al'verde fires at droid 2 again "It's going to take a bigger gun" ((assault tactics on droid 1 and using flash and clear on droid 2)) **
Europa: "Concerted effort," she calls down to him while sliding through a hail of red lights.
Al'verde: Heavy Reppeater [1d20+14+-1] => [8,14,-1] = (21); damage [3d10+7+2d10+1] => [8,6,3,7,1,7,1] = (33)
Al'verde: FP [3d6] => [2,1,2] = (5)
Alicia: The droid starts to plummet into the depths below as its repulsors finally give up (save the FP)

End of Round
Starting Round # 5
Al'verde: "Like I said...a bigger gun" he smiles "One down and one to go." nextinit
1) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [31] Shadow Security Droid
(on deck: [31] Europa )
Alicia: The remaining droid drops down on level to Eurpoa, keeping it's target, opening fire.
AliciaShadow Security Droid: (burstfire) Heavy Repeater [1d20+21+-5] => [15,21,-5] = (31) damage [6,3,4,7,1,12,0] = (33) {19-20/crit x3}
2) NEXT UP FOR THE KILLING: [31] Europa 
(on deck: [18] Galen )
Al'verde: (( anyone who attacks the droid gets an extra d6 ))
Al'verde: (( damage ))

Starting Round # 1 [D20]
Roll New Initiatives
Alicia: (( bah ))
Alicia: (( no matter... ))
** Europa continues to slide down the ladder as the droid chases after her, not bothering to look over her shoulder anymore as the Force guides her utterly now, opened to that powerful energy field completely, and she bats aside several more vicious red rods of pure energy. Several more of them seem to be bounced right back at the robotic sentry, leaving even more angry, glowing molten holes in it until the droid's mechanics can no longer function and it drops from the air, clanging and screeching against the walls as it bounces inertly down the shaft. Shutting the blade off and letting go of the ladder, she kicks backwards and does an elegant flip to land lightly on the edge of the platform behind Galen, rising up and clipping her weapon back onto the belt around her waist and smoothing down her chocolate-hued hair. **
Galen: "Good job," Galen says to Europa as the Jedi lands next to him.
Europa: "Hopefully it will go more smoothly from here on... but I somehow doubt it. the two of you seem to simply attract trouble wherever you go."
Galen: "Don't remind me..." Galen says.
Alicia: (( Aside from some RP.... ))
** Al'verde looks down "Just one of the perks to travling with us." **

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