Jaws of the Sarlaac


Episode X
Jaws of the Sarlaac

The galaxy rests on a tipping point as the forces of evil have struck
a devastating blow against the Alderaan Resistance.
Yet all is not lost, and even now the Alderaanian noble Lady Alya Aldrete
has summoned allies and great heroes to take part
in a daring attack on the Empire.
As the fate of the Resistance hangs in the balance, a small band of heroes
has a chance to strike a blow that will echo through the ages,
and show others that even the mighty Empire can be defeated . . .
   Display # 
1 Session 58 - October 30, 2010 (unedited) 3311
2 Session 59 - November 13, 2010 (unedited) 3991
3 Session 60 - November 27, 2010 (unedited) 3976

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