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Game Information

It is required for all characters to made on Google Documents. Here is a simple guide on how to use GDocs for this purpose. Included on that post is a template that follows the stat block system for NPCs in the book. Please use this format when creating your characters.

Use Campaign Standard rules with additional rules:

  • 28 point buy
  • credits = max starting of first level + ((level -1) x 2,000), double this for people with wealth; If you take wealth please remember that the credits may not be in just the form of equipment or currency. They can be used to purchase RP resources such as contacts, etc. Ships currently are not allowed to be started with, any character starting with one will be instantly denied.
    •  Favors = CL of the person doing the favor x 1,500. Example someone with a CL of 6 would cost 9,000. This is per favor so to have one person do two favors cost twice as much. GM will build the characters for the favor, you just need to tell the GM what type of favor it is and what the person is like. (Types: Military, Illegal, Political, etc)
  • When leveling add in max Hit Points for the class.
  • Battle of Glee Anselm Rewards Card may be used (found here)
  • All Web Enhancements from the Wizards of the Coast website (compilations may be found here)
  • All Released Sourcebooks (Starships, Threats, Force Unleashed for example. Some content from Knights of the old Republic needs to be approved). Check the House Rules for any changes to material. Be aware errata is being used unless noted otherwise in the House Rules.
  • All custom and other converted material is welcome but must be approved


If you wish to play any kind of Force user, please keep this in mind:

As per the side note on page 103 (yellow box), use of the skill "Use the Force" will cause a disturbance in the Force. Constant use will make it EASIER for the Empire to locate you. Same with lightsabers. All players playing Force users and especially Jedi will have to be smart on how that character is played. Also keep in mind Dark Side Points are permanent.